The Remote Life Launches Overseas Co-Working cum Travel Programme

Published on : Thursday, January 12, 2017

Co-Working cum Travel Programme2017’s gift to travel enthusiasts around the world has been launched in the form of an Indian start-up – The Remote Life. This new concept allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and individuals whose jobs allow them to work remotely; to travel for a few months, experience different countries & cultures and grow their network – all while working.


The Remote Life will consist of a group of 30 individuals from diverse backgrounds (professionally and personally) who will travel to three countries in South East Asia together. Participants of the programme will spend one month each in Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailandwhile not having to compromise on work or worrying about logistics of travel.


Participants of the three month programme are required to pay a fee of USD 1,300 per month, which covers independent room, 24*7 access to a nearby co-working space, breakfast and flights between the three countries. The company also takes care of other formalities such as travel insurance, SIM cards, visas and more. Frequent cultural activities and events will be organized throughout the programme, which will serve as a platform for the cohort to bond with each other.


Nishchal Dua, Founder of The Remote Life, already has a successful exit from his previous venture and is an avid traveller who has been to multiple countries, understanding their work culture. Speaking about the launch, Nishchal, says, “Being a millennial I understand the true challenges our generation faces when it comes to travel. While we might have the desire, in most cases our jobs restrict our travel plans. Even if we overcome that barrier, logistics and travelling with like minded people/friends is difficult to arrange. The Remote Life is a solution to these challenges and other time consuming tasks that come with planning long-duration travel. Our aim is also to introduce the Indian millennial to the concept of travel in its true sense, which is very different from taking a holiday.”


The Remote Life has kept its application free of cost through their website. Preliminary screening for candidates is done based on the application post which Skype interactions are held to determine the right fit.


Although the programme is targeting a globally diverse applicant pool, its primary emphasis is on tapping the surging number of Indian freelancers. India has nearly 15 million freelance professionals, highest in the world after the US, according to Truelancer (Online Marketplace to Hire Curated Freelancers).


Dipesh Garg, Founder of says, “Great work has no boundaries in today’s digital world. Some of the world’s best talent works remotely from different locations around the year, they are happier and more productive earning at their own pace. India is home to more than 15 million independent workers earning an average of $19/hr compared to the global average of $21”.

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32 Responses to The Remote Life Launches Overseas Co-Working cum Travel Programme

  1. mrigank says:

    Remote life has done the most hardest thing turn easy and that is to arrange logistics and the same work environment in an exotic destination which truly gives a tension free holidays and experience.

  2. shivansh shukla says:

    I think taking an amount of 1300 USD is very less and affordable to travel in Southeast Asia.The remote life is doing an outstanding job in order to help people travel places and know different people their culture, habitats and also explore a different kind of things.They also get to know about the tourist places and enjoy the beauty of nature.They can also know about different flora and fauna suitable to that conditions that would really help them in their personal lives.As there are more number of freelancers in India we all should promote this and also help people travel places to know them.

  3. ashmita says:

    Working is fun when it is done with happiness and one of the ways of getting this is the awesome platform that Remote Life is offering.It offers people from different parts of the country to travel and explore different places and people which also helps building our own understanding about people and the world out there.It is fun to work while travelling .Hence the Remote life has come up with this idea of travel and work which not only let you work happily but helps in personal development too.

  4. SHRADDHA NAIR says:

    The Remote Life is really helping people change their working lifestyles by letting them travel around to various places across the globe so that they can work effectively while traveling. What today’s world need are people who need more of happiness so that they can work stress free when they get back to their workplace. So if people are given a platform to travel and work then they would hardly ned any time off and they will produce better results.

  5. Sakshi Bobade says:

    This is an extremely novel concept. Not only does it make work more fun, but it also helps various cultures to gel with each other. Great effort to move India’s freelancer community to a better front. Keep up the good work!

  6. Ankita says:

    Its great when you can work while you travel. It gives you an immense opportunity to know other people, their cultures, and the way they work. The new concept developed by Remote Life is helping people to achieve the same. The most important thing is they will take care of everything right from our stay, food, transportation to travel insurance, SIM cards, visas and more. People don’t have to waste time on all these and can concentrate on their work and enjoy during their stays. Its a good work and my best wishes with Remote life.

  7. Madhavi Bansal says:

    I love how the entire article has in different ways instilled the motive of this extraordinary idea into the brain of the reader. This program gives a clear opportunity to peep inside of your very being and balance the two worlds in the best way possible. The ‘societal bosses’ draw holidays and work on parallel spaces that according to them can never meet. But, this organisation has proved them wrong.

  8. Yoheswari Devaraj says:

    Particularly, I think such an opportunity is amazing. There are so many who do not get to travel as they are tied down by several commitments but what if you can work, travel and see the world at the same time? I mean who wouldn’t take it up? Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand are beautiful locations for a travel cum work environment. Nishchal Dua is helping people change their lifestyle from the boring old offices and cranky boss to breathing fresh air and actually enjoying your work.

  9. Sourav Chaudhuri says:

    The Remote Life’ is providing something that lies in the heart of this generation. With, the number of freelancers and independent workers rising, it is expected that many of these individuals will be open to working in diverse locations free from the bustle of everyday life. Not only will it allow people to tick off their bucket lists while working, it will also allow like minded people to connect and collect experiences. It is expected that productivity especially for creative freelancers is bound to increase working in the lap of nature. The major barriers that come with extensive travel lie in exactly the things that ‘The Remote life’ is taking care of at a very low price( high speed internet and phone connections, lodging, company, tickets, etc).

  10. Astha Patel says:

    This sums up people who think traveling is hectic but few initiatives can rekindle the urge to travel ! Behind the scenes – ‘ The remote life’ Travel and work simultaneously . Traveling brings refreshing ideas and makes work enjoyable. Meeting new people , exploring new destinations and earning what more someone can ask for. All thanks to Mr Nishchal .

  11. Sukrutha Sen says:

    Remote life program is a spectacular concept these days.Working from different places is good concept than working from same location. People like to travel and explode new things.This relieves stress. People come up with interest to work in different locations. Accepting new challenges in new places will bring up interest in people to work in this program.

  12. Jannat Choudhary says:

    I truly appreciate what remote life is doing. They are indeed doing a great job. It is appreciating and inspiring at the same time. It is attracting for all age groups. Everyone loves to travel but have to face several barriers and remote life is doing an amazing job in removing those barriers for people. It is such an amazing opportunity of work plus travel. People will get to work in such amazing places. It is something new. People who are bored of their life and needs some change surely needs to do this. Low prices are a cherry on top of the cake. Great work Remote life.

  13. G ANUSHA says:

    Remote life is the great opportunity .Which helps people to improve their ideas and its a good experience to travel and work so that it modulates the idea of working .That would be a different level of working .

  14. Ramneet Singh Ratan says:

    It’s an amazing startup I think in today’s busy life it’s very tough to take out time for travels and the concept of “The Remote Life” is very useful to sort out this problem. The integration of both work and travel with much facilities and even an with an affordable prize is appreciable.

  15. Ulfath Joad says:

    The Remote Life is the absolutely perfect platform for the modern day Indian worker. While most of us would love the idea of touring around the world, only some get a chance to do so. And being an Indian, your chances at that are reduced even further, since getting married and running a family here is given more importance than travelling, and if you do work abroad despite being married, you usually are not able to spend time with your family. Hence the platform given to us theough ths startup is completely brilliant. Everything from the travel plan, duration, execution is taken care of in such a way that you get the BEST of both worlds!!

  16. Tanya says:

    The Remote Life has made such challenging task of traveling while feeling productive an easier one. This simple yet genius idea is one of the best I’ve heard lately.

  17. Rimjhim Sharma says:

    Remote life is doing a great work by offering travel and work together, especially in a country like India, working and traveling will give a great experience to the job seekers. The freelancers in India will have a great opportunity.
    One will get open to new cultures and lifestyles.
    Traveling gives a fresh idea and fresh thoughts to the mind, which can be effective in their lives, traveling and working together is blend of ice-tea in a hot day!
    The fee is affordable as mentioned in the post but the only worry is that, what will be returns of the job?

  18. Shruti says:

    It seems to us an interesting way to work from different places, neither you get bored from your daily working exercise nor you have to sacrifice the dream of traveling around and explore it.This may help us to explore the beauty, the culture, and social life of different places.Programs they have offered are pretty less expensive compare to other sites.A big thumbs up to this venture.

  19. Aditi Khanna says:

    In 21st Century, jobs with same work schedules, working environment, similar tasks brings up a lethargic life. The Remote Life comes up with such an amazing idea to make your jobs more interesting as well as fascinating. It’s a treat for those who loves travelling but couldn’t travel due to job commitments.The utmost thing is that they provide everything right from your stay, food, transportation to travel insurance, visas, sim cards, etc at a very nominal amount of USD 1300 only. Hence the startup is providing the combination of both work and travel which will leads to individual efficiency & work life balance.
    Good Job Remote Life!

  20. Well, I must say, this is one of the best blogs I’ve come across.
    Every little detail has been highlighted in the article, which makes this a one stop destination for anyone who wants to know more about The Remote Life program from another website other than
    However, as much as I appreciate the inclusion of all the details, there is also a little lack of creativity in the content. It seems like more of a notice or advertisement type article where the author did not give a proper introduction to the article. Apart from that, this one of the best articles, in terms of information provided.
    Coming to the context, yes, Nishchal Dua has brought about a revolutionary idea for freelancers all over the world, especially in India. Maintaining the right balance between work life and enjoyments is very important in today’s life. Thanks to The Remote Life for making it possible.

  21. Shipra Pareek says:

    This is a very unique concept and intiative taken by Remote Life. I really appreciate it. All those who are freelancer, would be able to spend their life in such a tremendous way. I personally like this idea as I also love traveling.

  22. Preeti verma says:

    The remote life is wonderful opportunity for the youth waiting to explore the nature. There couldn’t be a better chance to leave behind the office cubicles and work while one travels. Having perfect accommodation with people of same kind as you is something to fantasize. Traveling with your very own community is a dream come true. The Remote Life has made it all possible. So why would anyone stick to any monotonous or boring lifestyle when nature is itself waiting to be explored?

  23. shaidul Hoque says:

    travelling while working is like a dream job to many people and, remote life did a great job in making this thing easy. This will keep the employee enthusiastic towards their work and will end up in a great outcome for the company.The fees included are less compared to the real world today.

  24. Nadish danor says:

    The remote life provides a open door to walk out in the real world for the people stuck in the walls of their offices in front of the laptop screens, it provides a great opportunity to entrepreneurs to meet new people, experience life and culture of south east Asia, the venture becomes more homely as they take care of the food and accommodation and travelling, moreover, travelling in a group of 30 people having similar mindset is cherry on the top, by paying USD 1300/ month one can have the entirely feel like one of the locals of the host country, with the facility of 24/7 High speed internet and the taste of local cousins the trip becomes even more exciting, the remote life is really is the right spot for the creative heads, the digital nomads looking for an escape from the same old four walls around.

  25. Deepanshu Khandelwal says:

    Yes, guys this is totally an out of the box idea which has now been a startup by The Remote Life.
    The Remote Life allows the freelancers, entrepreneurs and professional working people to travel and work together. The people from different places across India will come together to go on a 3-month trip to the South East Asia under the budget 1300 USD/month which is definitely a handy deal for many.
    This will definitely benefit to many freelancers while working with some professional workers. Many people just don’t travel due to their office life but now The Remote Life’s plan of taking about 30 people who are strangers to go together and experience the wonders of the nature while not leaving or quitting their jobs. Now, office workers won’t have to take care of their travel accommodations, flight tickets, food necessities because The Remote Life has included each and every thing in their own package.
    A mind blowing trip is ahead coming for some of the working people to be a bit relaxed while working and helping out each other in their dilemmas.
    It’s for sure hard to believe such type of things in India but it’s actually a startup by The Remote Life.
    Best of Luck to the The Remote Life.
    Way to go ahead.

  26. Sakshi Mewara says:

    Concept of Co-working Cum travel programme in form of Indian start up remote life is surely a perfect gift for travel enthusiast in the country..Such programme will help individuals in achieving their ambitions, making them better individuals while they get to interact with people from different cultures, background,learning new things…individual will learn to live their life on their terms and conditions which will get best out of them

  27. Saniya Dasot says:

    The Remote Life is a very innovative and exciting concept for all people alike. In today’s era, people are drawn to jobs that allow them travel opportunities. This program offers them to work while travelling without the inconvience of handling logistics. Along with working in different countries, they are involved in cultural and social activities of the place and can satiate their wanderlust.

  28. Priyansha Sharma says:

    Working is fun when it is done with happiness and that is what The Remote Life is all about. It is wonderful opportunity for the youth waiting to explore the nature. Working outside affords you the opportunity to gaze at the sky, observe ants build a hill, or watch birds in flight.Everyone loves to travel but have to face several barriers and the remote life is doing an amazing job in removing those barriers for people.Its a great concept I think!

  29. Smriti Verma says:

    Such captivating article. I applaud The Remote Life for beginning such an awesome program, especially the way it merges one’s natural desire for travelling to everyday work. It won’t just help someone to escape the tidings of their daily life, but will go ahead and introduce them to all the things that lie beyond our four-walled-world: so many people, places, histories, cuisines, natural beauty and so much more.

  30. Ankush Singh Negi says:

    Doing work while have the chance to travel different countries sounds too much fun for hardworking travellers. The Remote Life make this task easy and comfortable for all those who need a break while having work. Mentality changes with the surrounding. And work changes with the cool and steady mind.
    Moreover, The Remote Life ensures the security, living and pleasure of work together. So, a heart full thanks to you guys for the initiative.

  31. Anirudhh Sai says:

    Never have anyone brought out such an impeccable initiative for freelancers and workers. Freelancers are seemingly the most unheeded section of working class, as they choose to have no permanent place or scope of work. This idea, brought out by Remote Life, will change the way the freelancers and the stereotypical hard-earning class of employees look at work anymore. People nowadays are much more preoccupied in other predicaments in their lives that they’ve actually forgotten how to enjoy the work they do totally. And when they’re given such an incredulous opportunity to work and live the life they’ve always yearned, they tend to relish and rejoice their work which ultimately results in significant improvement in their work standards. If only people would bring out more initiatives like this, that could change their lives entirely for that matter.

  32. Rushali Singh says:

    A vacation is something you want to make sure you’re paying for exactly what you get, and that means booking through a website you trust and this is what excatly remote life is and article also says so. It would be great working experience with them.

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