Alexey Kalachev

Travel And Tour World has a wonderful interaction with Alexey Kalachev, Director, Russian Convention Bureau at ACE of MICE Exhibition. He explains the role of Russian Convention Bureau in promoting the country as best MICE destination in the world. He also shares with us about the future planning to attract more global industry leaders to host international standard meetings and conventions.

Travel And Tour World – Can you tell us about Russian Convention Bureau?

Alexey Kalachev: Established in November 2017, Russian Convention Bureau is a one-stop venue in Russian Federation for the global event planners. Our key goal is to attract new international events to the Russian Federation. We are also promoting our potentialities, destinations and infrastructural facilities to the global industry leaders. Our target audience is potential buyers and organizers. We are attracting them to host different international events in different Russian destinations.



Travel And Tour World: Which are destinations you wish to promote here?

Alexey Kalachev: For the next two years, we fixed up to promote top 20 destinations in Russian Federation. We chose them according to the rating, organized by a Russian company. We are promoting not only popular destinations like St. Peterburg and Moscow, but also to the other tourism hot spots like Karelia, Sochi, Solovki, Omsk, Samara, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinburg and many other cities in Russia which have proper infrastructure to host any international standard MICE events.




Travel And Tour World: Tell us about the organizers you are working with?

Alexey Kalachev: We are working constantly with different national and international organizers. Russia has strong positions in various scientific fields and wide industrial profiles of its regions. Last year, Russian Convention Bureau won already five bids from different industry. We are supporting the bidding procedures (incl. financial support of site-inspections) free of charge. We will host International Planet History Summit (Moscow), Global Manufacturing and Industrialization Summit (GMIS) (Yekaterinburg), Planetary Congress (Moscow) and many other different kinds of events. We are preparing for regional passport which will cover all the credentials and information about the destinations.


Travel And Tour World – How are you handling Russian Congress market and what are the current trends in the Russian exhibition market?

Alexey Kalachev: I would to tell you that we are in deep focus on different kinds of events. We are an organized association, uniting every one related to this business like DMCs, event organizers, convention centres, hotels and all big players of this market.


Travel And Tour World – Due to economic instability the Russian exhibition centres were the hardest hit, how are the regional centres coping and attracting international events?

Alexey Kalachev: We organized and exhibited ourselves in many international exhibitions like IBTM and IMEX. Our country plays an active role in the events sector, with numerous exhibition companies. It becomes a focal point for all the organizers and buyers. We are dealing with all kind of possibilities and potentialities to bring more events. Russia is now becoming a meeting point for buyers and potential organizers. We are participating in different kind of events. We are using different kind of tools to promote our meeting venues and destinations. With that, we are achieving good results and hope that we will do success in future also.



Travel And Tour World – The share of Russia on the international event market currently stands at less than 1%. How do you intend to increase this?

Alexey Kalachev: Actually, to be honest, this situation this is main reason behind the establishment of Russian Convention Bureau. What we have seen that global congress market is playing a pivotal role in generating country’s revenue. There, Russia’s share is much less that 1% or 0.8% turnover. We are forwarding by promoting our destinations in Russia and abroad, organizing MICE events, marketing campaign and association summits. We have to do a lot of work to achieve a good result.