Ankit Gupta

In an exclusive interaction with Travel And Tour World, Ankit Gupta, Founder and Director of Business Development, Rostels India, shares his experiences on how Rostels India is attracting youth for adventure tourism.


Travel And Tour World: What is the main objective of the collaboration between Rostels India and Viacom18 Consumer Products?


Ankit Gupta: Roadies is an iconic brand that is known for its spirit. As we were looking to launch an experiential brand that would resonate with the youth and adventure, Roadies was a perfect fitment for us. It has been a great experience collaborating with Viacom18 Consumer Products, and we are looking to redefine the holiday experience in India. During your stay at Roadies Rostel, guests will have the opportunity to participate in adrenaline-pumping challenges inspired by the iconic Roadies show. From off-roading to trekking through rugged terrains every day will be filled with excitement and adventure.


The trend for theme based holiday is on a rise and backpackers and millenilas are always on a lookout for fresh concepts and we are looking to tap in this burgeoning segment.


Travel And Tour World: How does Roadies Rostel aim to redefine experiential holidays in India?


Ankit Gupta: The concept of adventure resorts is relatively fresh and novel to India. Roadies Rostel is a fantastic place for adventure-loving backpackers and millennials looking to connect, have fun, and make memories. With its modern and vibrant setting, including a community lounge, a café inspired by biker garages, and Roadies-themed decor, guests can expect an unforgettable and exciting stay unlike any traditional holiday experience.


Travel And Tour World: What are some key features and amenities offered at Roadies Rostel in Ahmedabad?


Ankit Gupta: A prominent feature in Ahmedabad will be the inclusion of an activity area with an exciting roller coaster ride. The culinary selections have been meticulously curated to meet the preferences of the younger demographic, while the rooms and overall theme have been thoughtfully designed to align with the spirit of adventure. This dedicated zone will serve as an invigorating breakout area for guests.


Travel And Tour World: Who is the target audience for Roadies Rostel and what kind of experience can they expect?


Ankit Gupta: Our target audience comprises individuals aged 18 to 50, specifically focusing on the youth demographic. Our aim is to provide them with a destination where they can relish a delightful experience spanning 2 to 3 days while also fostering connections with like-minded individuals.


Travel And Tour World: Can you provide more details about the Roadies-themed decor and the overall ambience of the Resort?


Ankit Gupta: The ambience at the establishment will exude a youthful and vibrant atmosphere reminiscent of Roadies Rostel. It has been thoughtfully designed to cater to the adventurous mind, creating an engaging and lively environment. We have been mindful of detailing and made sure that the theme is reflected in every aspect and space of the resort.


Travel And Tour World: What are the revenue goals set by Roadies Rostel, and how many franchise-based theme hotels are they planning to open in the near future?


Ankit Gupta: We are extremely bullish about the growth potential of this brand. Factors such as revenge travel and the desire to try new things will also work in our favour. Our goal is to launch 15 franchises within a span of one year. Additionally, we have set a revenue target of approximately Rs 100 crore.



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