Jin Hyeok Park

Jin Hyeok Park, Director of Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB), speaks about a broad spectrum of MICE activities, exclusively with Travel And Tour World, during the sidelines of ACE of MICE at the Istanbul Congress Center.

Travel And Tour World – Can you tell us how the Seoul MICE market is performing?

Jin Hyeok Park: In 2010 we only had 200 mice events but by 2017 we have almost 700 events. By major standards we ranked third in the world and in the ICCA ranking we took the tenth place, to speak of we are one of the top convention cities in the world.



Travel And Tour World: What draws the attendees to the Seoul Convention Bureau and how do you make your position unique?

Jin Hyeok Park: We have unique offerings through the new PLUS SEOUL programs for 2019 for the MICE organizers to give extra boost to their business events. It will include core benefits, local experiences, special tour program etc. The newly customized experiences will help planners to boost loyalty and brand exposure.




Travel And Tour World: What are the new and upcoming developments unfolding in the Seoul Convention Bureau. What can we expect in 2019?

Jin Hyeok Park: In 2019 our discounted program will change the quality for mice organizer and give them unique experiences.


Travel And Tour World – How do you wish to attract larger incentive groups?

Jin Hyeok Park: Our main target for the larger incentive group is China and South East Asia. Usually the larger incentive program are well supported.Once we had 4000 Chinese incentive group in 2015 , so we extensively arranged spaces for concerts, cultural things and dinners etc.


Travel And Tour World – Tell us about your upcoming plans.

Jin Hyeok Park: By 2024 we will come up with a new convention facility in downtown Seoul to provide an immersive MICE experience.



Travel And Tour World – In the highly competitive environment how is your collaboration with Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Seoul Tourism Organization, the Korea Tourism Organization, the Seoul MICE Alliance attracting the most notable conferences?

Jin Hyeok Park: To attract large incentives and conferences there should be a cooperating system. Korea Tourism Organization can handle bigger issues, for us we can do slight inspection in detailed problem while the metropolitan government can handle tourism and for mice alliance they are our professional partners. So, all together we can attract more events.


Travel And Tour World – Tell us about the main market which you wish to promote?

Jin Hyeok Park: Our main market is China, Japan and South East Asia and we will focus on new market which is India and Middle East.




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