Manish Rathi

Manish Rathi, CEO and cofounder of IntrCity SmartBus, discusses with Travel And Tour World how the Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming and modernizing the travel industry in an exclusive interview.

Travel And Tour World:  IntrCity SmartBus is the leading tech-enabled inter-city bus fleet in India. How are you working to expand the business?


Manish Rathi: In India, there is a significant development in the inter-city mobility segment. We anticipate a large increase in the demand for smart-buses due to the Government of India’s ambitious plans for the construction of highways. As part of our expansion plan for 2023, we aspire to expand our fleet of buses to exceed 750, further strengthening our commitment to provide exceptional service to our customers. As we strive to establish new routes, we are also committed to expanding our existing routes in the North, South, and West regions. We acknowledge the Government of India’s extensive efforts in expanding and renovating the Indian road network, and we look forward to continuing our contribution towards this development.


Travel And Tour World:  IntrCity SmartBus is revolutionizing long-distance travel for millions of passengers each month, with nearly 2 lakh bookings per month. You have touched a good milestone. What are your expectations for the near future?


Manish Rathi: IntrCity SmartBus experienced phenomenal growth in 2022 as it established its place as the indisputable category leader with high margins. The lifting of travel restrictions and the imposition of mandatory office reporting have led to a surge in intercity travel across a range of categories, including functional, business, leisure, and pilgrimage.


In the next five years, the company plans to transform a staggering 5000 conventional buses into a seamless “Connected SmartBus Network” by utilizing the cutting-edge technological capabilities of the Mobility Platform. Based on our current growth trajectory, IntrCity SmartBus expects to increase by more than 300% year over year by 2023. Our company’s next milestone is to reach an annualized revenue of $100 million while maintaining our EBITDA profitability. We take our customers’ feedback seriously and are dedicated to improving their experience with our brand. This unwavering focus on enhancing user experience has been a key driver of our success, and we will continue to prioritize it as we move towards achieving our ambitious revenue goal.


Travel And Tour World:  How technology (IoT) is transforming the travel sector?

Manish Rathi: As a technology-based mobility company, IntrCity employs an asset-less business strategy. Technologies like IoT have made travel a comfortable, secure, and safe experience while guaranteeing their on-time arrival and  IntrCity SmartBus intends to standardize intercity bus travel in India.. We are committed to bringing about a digital transformation in the mobility sector using cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


Our operating system encompasses various applications including but not limited to the Operator Dashboard, Crew App, Consumer Platform, and Fleet Analytics powered by IOT.


By utilizing the boarding timings tracking feature, customers can easily determine their boarding point and know where to stand. Additionally, the consumer app offers a user-friendly feature called “Where Is My Bus” that allows customers to conveniently track the bus’s whereabouts.


With the advanced smart technology present in IntrCity buses, individuals can stay informed and have peace of mind by tracking the real-time movement of the bus and their loved ones riding it. This is particularly reassuring for women and senior citizens who may feel more at ease when traveling alone between cities.


Through the integration of CCTV cameras and 24X7 surveillance , bus location tracking, and monitoring of driver speed, it is possible to closely monitor the behavior of both the captain and the driver within the vehicle. This comprehensive approach ensures that the bus is under constant surveillance, giving passengers peace of mind and promoting safety throughout the journey.With its advanced capabilities, the system can seamlessly navigate through traffic and identify the most efficient and optimal route for the journey.


Passengers benefit from real-time updates on crucial information and on-demand transit availability, leading to an enhanced and more convenient bus travel experience.


Travel And Tour World:  Share with us about how IntrCity SmartBus is working to get ahead in the travel and tourism sector.


Manish Rathi: IntrCity SmartBus is continuously working towards revolutionizing the travel sector through its innovative approach and state-of-the-art technological solutions. IntrCity SmartBus is transforming travellers’ perspective – the way buses are viewed, positioning them as a top-notch alternative to trains. We identify the gaps in this industry and it is one of the key ways in which IntrCity SmartBus is getting ahead in the travel sector; mainly by providing a truly exceptional travel experience to its customers, which includes instant customer query resolutions, on-demand services and real-time updates.


IntrCity SmartBus provides an elevated travel experience with luxurious private flat-bed cabins, Wi-Fi-enabled air-conditioned lounges at boarding points, and a cutting-edge “connected bus” system that stays linked to a 24/7 command center. By enticing travelers to choose buses over trains, IntrCity SmartBus is redefining the road travel experience and setting a new standard of comfort and convenience.


IntrCity offers a dedicated IntrCity SmartBus app for consumers, which enables them to track their journey in real-time and receive accurate ETA information for their destination.IntrCity SmartBus boasts an advanced operating system that including the Operator Dashboard, Crew App, Consumer Platform, and cutting-edge IOT-based Fleet Analytics. In an industry-first move, the business created IntrCity SmartBus Lounges to give customers a convenient and safe boarding experience. The Smart Bus Lounges include air-conditioned waiting areas with Wi-Fi connectivity, charging ports and many more things.


IntrCity is paving the way in the travel industry with their unparalleled services and unwavering commitment to prioritizing their clients’ needs.


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