Oriol Montal

Oriol Montal, General Manager, The Westin Resort Nusa Dua Bali in an exclusive interview with the Travel And Tour World shares some unique insights about the crème de la crème property in Bali, a global leader in wellness and hospitality which serves the business and leisure travellers with equal elan.

Travel And Tour World – What are the major highlights of your location?

Oriol Montal: Nusa Dua is a part of the development created 30 years ago by the Government of Indonesia which at that time was the best piece of land in the island. It is an amazing destination in Bali with beautiful white sand beach. It keeps the authenticity of Bali and we are fortunate to be at the centre of the Nusa Dua compound where guests will have a lot to explore around. Due to our location for the past 28 year we have been positioned very well for family market and year after year have been lauded as the best family resort in Asia.



Travel And Tour World: Tell us about the benefit of your property in terms of big MICE group?

Oriol Montal: With the facilities we have our second big strength is MICE and we are the only hotel in Bali having 133 rooms adjacent to the convention centre catering up to more than 2000 people. This gives flexibility for big group along with versatile facilities. For bigger events we have our neighbouring property within walking distance. We have a practical set up to make MICE organizers program a success apart from successful concerts and annual meetings.




Travel And Tour World: From which countries you have the best MICE customers?

Oriol Montal: It varies year over year, for this year excluding the annual leading IMF, domestic arrivals would be termed as the number one growth determinant, and in most cases it would be the local office or international office organizing the MICE events, not only in Indonesia but in that case probably South East Asia.

Over the last few years another important country performing really well has been Australia, mainly due to their incentive travels and then from European point of view I would say UK has been performing superb in the last few years. Furthermore the U.S. companies have given us big support and many cases their events are organised through their office in Jakarta.


Travel And Tour World – In terms of consumer what is the percentage of the people coming here to tap the leisure market and which are the major countries contributing?

Oriol Montal: Australia tops the list, a key market from the leisure point of view, second will be Indonesia and then Germany. There is a big growth from the Indian market where we are putting in a lot of efforts. With the merge of Marriott and Starwood about a year and half we see a growth in the U.S., and that is the area we keep investing.


Travel And Tour World – Briefly tell us about the number of rooms and the category.

Oriol Montal: We have 433 rooms and a wide variety of room categories based on the requirement. We have rooms offering total privacy to family, deluxe rooms and higher presidential suite. We cater to the needs of single travellers coming for MICE group and the head of state coming from a government mission.



Travel And Tour World – What kind of food you offer apart from the local?

Oriol Montal: Bali is a destination where we welcome guest from every part of the world. We have 155 nationalities with different needs not just from the cultural point of view. We put food and beverage as a top priority and have Indian and Italian chefs, and are recognized as a restaurant in Bali with more authentic food. We have a Japanese restaurant and being a global company we have access to chefs all over the world, we train them to review and design menus.


Travel And Tour World – Do you have any culinary program where travellers can learn to make some dishes?

Oriol Montal: We had a MICE group from Australia they wanted to go for an Indonesian cooking class, we gave them different location and they did it in the Temple Garden with the background of hotel to get a great sense of the culture in an amazing set up.



Travel And Tour World – Which new markets you are targeting in Europe?

Oriol Montal: This summer we saw growth in the France and Italian market, which in the past had low percentage and we are interested to develop that market.


Travel And Tour World – How do you promote your property as a MICE destination?

Oriol Montal: We regularly participate in trade shows, have excellent relationship with local DMCS, we have sales officers and a person in-charge of MICE operating from Singapore.



Travel And Tour World – Tell us about the size of the group and the number of MICE events you are holding.

Oriol Montal: Usually the size varies and in terms of MICE groups we can have a group of ten people and make them feel that they are the kings of the hotel. We have groups from 10 that can go up to 2000 or 2500.



Travel And Tour World – How do you recognize your property as a wedding destination?

Oriol Montal: There is a growth in wedding from Australia, China and the domestic market, we have been successful for the Indian market.




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