P Bala Kiran

The rich Ayurvedic and yoga culture along with sports tourism is also being promoted in Kerala by the government. Snake boat races are being organized in league formats during weekends such as English Premier League and Indian Premiere League. Every tourist coming to Kerala can take part in the amazing snake races in which 120 boats are rowed together in perfect synchronization.

Southern Kerala regions such as Cochin, Allepey and Munnar are already popular among tourists. Now, the government is taking steps to popularize the northern Kerala. The Malabar river tourism project has been launched in the northern Kerala in which rivers are being connected with cruises.

Tertiary heritage project has also been launched in which Portuguese; Dutch, English and French heritages are being integrated into the Malabar region.

P Bala Kiran, Director of Kerala Tourism, in an exclusive interview with Travel and Tour World reveals about government’s plan of promoting northern Kerala and particularly the Malabar region.