Vivek Shrotriya

In an exclusive interview with Apratim Ghoshal, Editor, Travel And Tour World at ITB Berlin 2023, Vivek Shrotriya, IAS, Additional Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board shares his insights how this central Indian state, Madhya Pradesh is attracting both international and national tourists.

ITB Berlin 2023: Interview of Vivek Shrotriya, IAS, Additional Managing Director, Madhya Pradesh



Madhya Pradesh, located in the heart of India, is a state that is well-known for its magnificent history, rich culture, and diverse architectural marvels. The state is endowed with many significant tourism destinations, including religious spots, wildlife sanctuaries, historical monuments, and much more. Tourism in Madhya Pradesh has developed tremendously over the years, drawing visitors from all across India and other parts of the world. In this essay, I will discuss in detail the various tourism offerings in Madhya Pradesh.

Firstly, Madhya Pradesh boasts of being home to some of the most remarkable and awe-inspiring temples and shrines, making it a hub for spiritual tourism. The most famous among them include the Bhojpur Temple, Khajuraho Temple, Sanchi Stupa, and Omkareshwar Temple. The Khajuraho Temple is the most popular of them all, known worldwide for its exquisite sculptures and carvings. These temples have not only drawn the attention of the tourists but have also had a significant impact on Indian history and culture.

Secondly, Madhya Pradesh is home to a varied range of wildlife, including Bengal tigers, deer, leopards, sloth bears, and much more. It is an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The Bandhavgarh National Park, Pench National Park, and Kanha National Park are popular among tourists. These parks offer an exceptional opportunity to observe wildlife in its natural habitat.

The forts and palaces of Madhya Pradesh are a reflection of its grandeur history. The state has witnessed many dynasties throughout its history, such as the Mauryan, Mughal, and Maratha Empires. These forts and palaces have not only survived the test of time but have also become one of the most remarkable tourist attractions. The most famous of them all include Gwalior Fort, Mandu Fort, and Jai Vilas Palace.

Madhya Pradesh is also known for its natural beauty. The state is dotted with numerous waterfalls, such as the Dhuandhar Falls, Pachmarhi Falls, and many more. Hill stations like Pachmarhi and Amarkantak are popular among tourists, offering a serene retreat from the hustle-bustle of city life.

In conclusion, the tourism offerings in Madhya Pradesh are a perfect blend of history, culture, wildlife, and natural beauty. The state has undoubtedly emerged as one of the most significant contributors to the tourism industry in India. It is a testament to the sustained efforts by the state tourism department in promoting eco-tourism and sustainable tourism practices. Madhya Pradesh is a must-visit destination for anyone who wants to explore the diversity and richness of Indian culture and history.



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