6.8-magnitude earthquake in southern Philippines , 3 killed

 Monday, December 16, 2019

According to the officials, 5km to the south-southeast of Magsaysay, Philippines was struck by 6.8 magnitude earthquake which collapsed a three-story building and killing at least three people which included a 6-year old girl.


There were searches for people who might have been trapped inside and Matanao Mayor Vincent Fernandez said the two-story town hall was badly damaged by the intense shaking, along with two bridges and several buildings already weakened by previous quakes.


The earthquake had a depth of 28.2 km (17.5 miles) and according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS) multiple aftershocks ranging in magnitudes from 4.8 to 5.l7 have been reported in the area.


The residents across the Mindanao Island of Philippines felt the shakes. The officials said that all concerned agencies of the government were mobilized to respond to the present conditions and provide immediate assistance to those in need.


According to reports the President was in the house in Davao City with his daughter Kitty when the earthquake struck and the First Lady Honeylet Avancena was on her way home when the ground rumbled and moved. She mentioned that the car was swinging during the ride and they were unhurt.


According to Philippine Emergency Alerts there were reports of multiple landslides and damaged structures across the region with several individuals trapped in rubble.
As per the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center there was no threat for a tsunami.


There will be occasional showers and thunderstorms in the coming four days and plenty of moisture across the southern Philippines. The rescue and recovery efforts were underway.
There were several strong earthquakes in October in the same area causing multiple fatalities and severe damage.

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