Aeroflot ranked among world’s top three most on-time airlines

 Thursday, January 13, 2022 


Aeroflot was a top three most punctual mainline airline globally and Europe’s most on-time full-service carrier in 2021.  This is according to the annual On-Time Performance (OTP) Review by UK’s authoritative aviation data holding Cirium.

In 2021, Aeroflot was named as the world’s most punctual airline in several Monthly On-Time Performance Reports by Cirium. According to the Review, last year, Aeroflot operated 91.05% of its flights on time while aggressively reopening international routes to Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Cirium is a leading global travel data and analytics provider. The holding processes data from hundreds of unique sources to measure the on-time performance of airlines. Cirium’s analysts have emphasized the instrumental role of digital technologies  in further improving the on-time performance across the highly competitive airline industry. Aeroflot ranks among top performers in the global industry for digitalization. The Russian carrier is  implementing one of the most ambitious programmes of digital innovations roll-out to facilitate and accelerate pre-flight airport procedures for passengers.

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