Africa sees increase in international tourist arrivals in 2017

 Saturday, January 12, 2019

In 2017, Africa saw a 63 million rise in international tourist arrivals, as compared to 58 M in 2016, as per a Hospitality Report published in December 2018. However, compared to her counterparts, Africa’s share of international tourist arrivals was only 5%. Europe grabbed the lion’s share with 51%, followed by Asia and the Pacific which recorded 24%. The Americas and the Middle East had 16% and 4%, respectively.


Results for Africa were driven by the continued recovery in Tunisia & Morocco and strong performance in Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Mauritius and Zimbabwe. Island destinations Seychelles, Cabo Verde and Reunion also recorded double-digit growth in arrivals.
The African economy is gaining momentum.


Tourism is also a major employer in the continent, supporting around 23 million jobs (3.1% increase) in 2018. These include jobs directly & indirectly supported by the tourism industry.


Africa also witnessed mushrooming of low cost airlines, growth of bed capacity in main cities and flourishing of the shared economy. Also, there was visa upon arrival, e-visa and visa-free travel for African citizens as well as the use of the AU e-Passport. The Africans now do not need a visa to travel to 25% of other African countries and can get visas on arrival in 24% of other African countries.


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