Airbnb’s accommodation policy making the threat to hotel business

 Saturday, March 24, 2018

Airbnb, a short-term accommodation rental listings platform is now becoming a direct threat to global hotel business.



The alarm was heightened when the San Francisco startup said it had signed 500 companies within one day of opening its travel management tool to businesses worldwide — bringing its total client list to more than 1,000 companies, such as Google, TBWA, and Salesforce.



The refurbished tool will expand over time to let Airbnb share information with companies on length of stay, dates and location so that travel managers can track their corporate travelers and integrate reports into their systems.



Airbnb has also quietly started a pilot for listings exclusively for business travellers. The trial could be a prelude to a sub-brand of listings within Airbnb.



Airbnb might set a criterion of business traveller amenities, such as an ironing board or high-speed Internet access, and give a branded mark of approval to properties that met those criteria and that also have received a certain threshold of positive reviews from corporate travelers specifically.



Airbnb also hired away the CFO of Blackstone, a financial services company that owns many hotel chains, among other businesses.



This hiring move shows that the Airbnb is serious about building out the business travel market.


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