Americans visiting Windsor stayed longer

 Thursday, July 13, 2017

windsorLocal tourism industry revealed a dip in the number of Americans visiting the Windsor area during the first four months, local tourism saw a boost as they stayed longer.


In 2016 , the number of trips declined by 22,000 but the number of trips coupled with stay increased by more than 2,500.


In the first four months of the year 315,000 American vehicles crossed into Windsor.


As per Statistics Canada nationally, US tourism was up by only 0.1 percent during the first four months of 2017 due to rebound in American tourism after the surge of US dollar.


Peter Kalhok said that traveling in US has been stagnant during the first four months  as compared to 2016, being a very strong year.


Post 9/11 US had 3 million visitors, the numbers increased upto 4 million US visitors in 2015-2016.


Matt Marchand, president of Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce said that the American Midwest  had an economic improvement during the last five years, people are getting used to passports at the border and the American dollar also stretches farther on this side of the border.


US tourism dollar add to the economy and is not about recycling money.


Windsor has more of domestic tourist and continues to be a major lure with its growing wineries, craft breweries, national and provincial parks and the unique coffee trails.


If the region taps cycling tourism it can have more opportunities ahead where one can ride 30-40 miles on a bike path.


Federal and provincial governments are coming together to work with local tourism bodies to expand the tourism industry and create a  coordinated messaging strategy.


Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island promoted attractions like the Coffee Trail with the intention of influencing people to come again.


A 3.12 percent declined was noted by the Ambassador Bridge in June compared to the same month in 2016, while Detrit Windsor Tunnel showed an increase of 2.78 percent.

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