Asian countries impacted the hardest way by tourism job loss

 Monday, November 22, 2021 


As per ILO (International Labour Organization), Asian countries like Thailand, Brunei, Mongolia, Vietnam and Philippines experienced one-third of loss in job in tourism. Due to COVID-19, 1.6 million jobs were lost in these abovementioned countries. Compared to other sectors, tourism witnessed four times more job loss, as per Chihoko Asada-Miyakawa, ILO Director for Asia and Pacific.

As per the Director, women employees were proportionally hit in the hardest way by the pandemic. To quote Asada-Miyakawa, “ Even with countries in the region focusing heavily on vaccinations and designing strategies to slowly re-open borders, jobs and working-hours in the tourism-related sector are likely to remain below their pre-crisis numbers in Asia-Pacific countries into next year.”

Brunei was that Asian country that got affected the most with tourism jobs plunging 40 percent and in Philippines 28 percent.

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