Banyuwangi goes for ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award 2017

 Thursday, September 7, 2017

banyuwangiThe Tourism ministry of Jakarta has selected the city of Banyuwangi located in the East Java to represent Indonesia at the ASEAN Clean Tourist City Award (ACTC Award) 2017.



The two tourist attractions in Banyuwangi will compete with other Southeast Asian destinations are Bangsring Under Water (Bunder) and Grand New Watudodol (GWD).



Apart from Banyuwangi, there are six Indonesian regencies and cities which will also participate in the event, namely Surakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Singaraja, Batu and Semarang.



Banyuwangi Culture and Tourism Agency head M. Yanuarto Bramuda said this agency is now focusing on cleaning up and improving the two tourists’ attractions, including by removing street vendors (PKL) around GWD that frequently caused traffic congestion and accidents.



Yanuarto said Banyuwangi was chosen to compete at the travel event due to its concept of ecotourism and efforts. The tourism corporation also aims in developing the tourism based on environment, nature conservation, social and cultural empowerment and local economy.




Yanuarto also said that with the new concept, the number of tourist visit to Banyuwangi continues to increase.  Banyuwangi saw around 500,000 domestic tourists in 2010 to 4 million people in 2016.




As for foreign tourists, went from 7,000 to 75,000.



Yanuarto said that there are  number of passengers at Blimbingsari Airport also increased by 1,340 percent from 7,826 people in 2010 to 112,000 people in 2016.



Banyuwangi has previously earned five Adipura awards for being a clean city. This city has 620 daily freelance workers who maintain the city’s cleanliness.



There are several CCTVs, which are also installed in some rivers to observe the people who throw rubbish into the river.



The sluice gates across the city have also been revamped and renovated.



According to the criteria for a clean tourist city there are environmental management, cleanliness, waste handling and raising the awareness of environmental preservation and cleanliness.



Other determining factors are the availability of green rooms, safety, health, security and tourism infrastructure and facilities.




In terms of accessibility, the Blimbingsari Airport now serves as the daily flights from Jakarta to Banyuwangi which strives to become an international airport by the year 2019.



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