Big tech-trends to reshape the travel industry

 Saturday, July 22, 2017 


International Conference on Tourism TechnologyToday’s travel industry is seeing rapid growth, high customer expectations, fierce competition, and pressure on margins. The travel industry market is driven by new technologies and the new business models. the experts have always been pondering what holds in store for travel technology and other elements of tech. speaking with examples, Amadeus, as the world’s leading GDS, needs to manage a huge workload daily, supporting,



Needless to say how essential it becomes to invent and implement the newer technologies in the travel industry. Let us thus have a look at the major tech-change that will help in boosting the travel industry in the long run.


NoSQL encompasses a wide variety of different database technologies that were developed in response to a rise in the volume of data stored about users, objects, and products, the frequency, in which this data is accessed, and performance and processing needs. The move towards the NoSQL represents a fundamental development in infrastructure which might serve as the inception of many other innovations. in a NoSQL world, a wider variety and greater quantity of data (including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data) can be stored and reviewed and will allow a paradigm shift in the way the travel industry data are stored, managed and accessed.

BI inside

BI inside is basically the convergence of the two big concepts – analytics and automation.  By harnessing the insights of analysis, automated decision-making can be enabled which eventually will make the systems proactive rather than reactive. Imagine how time and resource saving it would be if the systems can anticipate the needs and take actions without any human intervention. Simply put, if a traveler makes a search, he would get the results upon expected consumer behavior using data from the past to almost instantaneously present travelers with appropriate travel options. The possibilities opened up by BI Inside are seemingly endless: for example, in the face of a long check-in queue, an airline system can speed up service to customers by automatically opening up a new booth.

Immersive merchandising

As the airlines seek to improve their bottom lines and meet customers’ expectations more effectively, it is very important for merchandising and personalization of travel services. Through “immersive merchandising”, the process of shopping for additional products and services will be enhanced through additional, interactive information and experiences. It the travelers receive personalized seat options and other tailored offers reflecting their preferences through their older history of journey, its needless to mention how satisfying the experience would be.


Trip engineering

If a person is planning to take an early morning flight for a corporate meet, trip engineering will look at door-to-door transportation availability, locations, and other parameters, to provide options and make recommendations on whether or not the individual should fly out the night before. So it is all but integration and collaboration which will evolve the corporate travel. It is all about putting together the information and technology that already exists to make the experience more efficient. With the increase in the use of self-booking tools, corporate travel will definitely see a great move.


Transaction Processing Facility or TPF is bedrock in the modern computing age and continues to be very reliable in industries like financial services and stock exchanges. The end of TPF will bring radically enhanced PNRs (Passenger Name Records). The information travel providers, travel sellers and third parties create and store about passengers is evolving to include more than just booking records and textual data. With the enhanced PNR, it will be possible to store more information about the traveler’s journey cycle which again eventually will be reflected in immersive merchandise.

Concluding thought

With the new technologies into implementation, the whole scenarios of travel booking to stringent data management need would see a topsy-turvy change in the coming years.

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