British Airways declares emergency at 30,000 ft, toxic smell hospitalises 10 crew

 Tuesday, January 29, 2019

British Airways declared an emergency due to toxic smell at 30,000 ft. Crew members on a Boeing 747 from Heathrow to Boston spoke of a ‘strange toxic smell’ after landing in the U.S. They were taken to hospital for checks. As per BA sources two cabin crew were seriously ill, with one violently unwell. However, the airline said there was no evidence of this.




A check up by BA engineers in Boston was done and the same plane was declared safe for take-off on its return leg to London. Flight BA212 was 1 hour 41 minutes into the journey when the Captain declared an emergency due to the fume event.




As per the airlines, engineers and additional team of specialists have conducted tests on the plane and cleared for takeoff.




In 2016 British Airways downplayed an incident that left 25 cabin crew in hospital after toxic fumes leaked into the jet of a San Francisco-bound flight. As per the Unite union, the British Airways was attempting to turn the nature of such instances.  They are using manipulate statistics to downplay how widespread the problem really is in the industry.




This time also they have said that the fumes were due to de-icing chemicals used on the runway in Boston amid -15C temperatures rather than toxic material.





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