British tourists urged to evacuate in 15 minutes as powerful typhoon ravages Vietnam

 Monday, November 6, 2017 


typhoon-sarikaVacationers were just offered 15 minutes to evacuate their hotels after a massive typhoon triggered serious flooding and strong winds in the region of Vietnam.
British tourists residing in the favorite of Hoi An mentioned that they had been provided a short warning to exit the building after flooding from Typhoon Damrey became ‘more serious’. British tourists were given merely 15 minutes to leave their hotel following this natural calamity’s outbreak.
One of the tourists told a news media agency that initially they were given 30 minutes to get out of the hotel but since later it developed as a more serious climatic outrage the authorities reduced the time limit to just 15 minutes.
Footage from the city indicated that roads and properties were completely submerged by water while rescue boats were observed to be heading to the hotel to take occupants out one by one.
The flooding has inundated central and southern regions of the nations in southeast Asia leaving 27 people dead and 22 more missing.
Typhoon Damrey represents the 12th major storm to ravage Vietnam this year, and it had made a landfall yesterday with winds of up to 56 mph. The typhoon also destroyed over 40,000 homes and knocked down several electricity poles and uprooted trees.
According to the nation’s steering committee for disaster prevention mentioned that 626 homes had collapsed in a trail of destruction that had compelled the evacuation of over 30,000 people. Heavy rain and high wind speeds had struck the coastal strip with certain streets in the capital of Hue under waist deep water.
The ancient trading town of Hoi An saw people paddling by boat through the streets.
The national disaster agency of Vietnam has predicted that the rains would continue until Tuesday and that the flowing would worsen.
Military tanks were later mobilized to assist with the rescue efforts in Nha Trang that bore the brunt of the typhoon.
Donald Trump, the U.S President is scheduled to attend an event on 10th November along with Xi Jinping of China and Russia’s Vladimir Putin among other regional leaders. Last month the floods claimed over 80 lives in northern Vietnam and a typhoon had wreaked havoc in the central provinces in September.


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