Capri struggles under negative effects of mass tourism

 Thursday, July 6, 2017 


mass tourismMass tourism is indeed detrimental to tourism. The popular European island of Capri too can’t handle the influx of visitors to its idyllic shores. The mayor of Capri has warned that the tiny island, which sits in Italy’s Bay of Naples, is at risk of “exploding” under the sheer weight of the amount of tourists arriving each day.

Giovanni De Martino, the mayor of Capri said, “There’s the risk that Capri could explode — you can’t fit a litre and a half of water into a one litre bottle. We welcome tourists but two million a year is bit too much.”


At the peak season of summer, up to 15,000 visitors arrive each day on the island, many of them day-trippers from the mainland or island hoppers from large cruises. Mr. De Martino now wants tighter regulations governing the ferries and hydrofoils that bring tourists to the island each day.


Under regulations established nearly a decade ago, there should be at least 10 minutes gap between the arrival of one boat and the next, giving time for tourists to disembark and disperse in Marina Grande, the island’s harbour. But many ferry companies constantly just flout the rules.


Martino also wants to encourage tourists to spend at least one night on the island, so they can explore the other parts of the island rather than putting so much pressure on Capri Town. With travel now more accessible and easier than ever, the dark side of tourism is becoming more apparent.


Venice is not only close to losing its sacred status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site but of entering the “In-Danger” list. Meanwhile Iceland will have almost seven times its own population in the number of tourists visiting this year, according to forecasts. And for a country known for its very beautiful, but very unique and delicate ecosystem, that’s dangerous. Barcelona is another European city being ravaged by visitors. The number of tourists visiting each year is straining resources and driving locals out of the area due to increasing price pressure.

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