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 Monday, October 24, 2022 


A chatbot that appears when you visit a website would probably ask you how you’re doing and whether there is anything for which you need assistance. Nowadays, chatbots are becoming increasingly prevalent on numerous websites. What transpires, though, when they begin interacting with customers outside of websites? Can a chatbot assist with events, too?

At your biggest events, an event chatbot offers a tailored concierge service to attendees. A chatbot can provide solutions to your visitors’ questions without requiring them to leave the event app, whether they are seeking for the wifi password, the registration counter, or which session they should attend next.

A Chatbot : your digital assistance
An event chatbot is made to respond to queries from guests and provide assistance. They can be used in a variety of ways by event organisers, including SMS texting, integrating them into instant messaging programmes like WhatsApp or Messenger, and embedding them on the event website. A chatbot appears to the user to be nothing more than a messaging app with a machine on the other end. Users communicate with the bot just like they would with a human. They are aware that they are not speaking to a live person, yet the format is frequently easier to understand than a FAQ or help forum. Additionally, it replies immediately to user requests, ensuring that they receive their responses.

24/7 customer support
Furthermore, having a chatbot on your team means you won’t have to keep asking the same straightforward questions to your staff repeatedly. This is particularly effective at events where attendees demand immediate responses to their questions but you are preoccupied with other tasks. They can visit your website and ask the chatbot there their inquiries, and the chatbot will reply right away with the details they require. With the help of event chatbots, communication gaps between attendees can be found before they become a major issue. Therefore, event technology aids in educating event planners about the guest experience.

Promotion of events
Messenger chatbots are useful for raising awareness prior to the event. Through tone of voice and topic, they can be utilised to establish a distinct personality for your event. Your audience is now just one message away from engaging with your event before it ever starts thanks to social network-agnostic bots. Staying informed about significant events is made easier with the help of push notifications.

More economical
Joshua Hillier, a tech writer for Top UK Writing Services and Essayroo, suggests using a bot can help you cut back on advertising expenses. A bot can be built for your event for less money than building a custom app from start. By designing a bot, you not only save money but also time that you can spend to ensure that your event will go off without a hitch. This demonstrates that time and resources should be allocated to the event itself rather than its marketing. Utilizing a chatbot will significantly lower the cost of marketing your events.

Considering the aforementioned factors, using a chatbot to manage events is considerably simpler. It is not only a fantastic tool for managing conferences, but it can also improve participants’ experiences and guarantee a successful event. Furthermore, you may be confident that any issues will be quickly fixed by using bots.

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