Chennai’s Cruise Tourism Suffers due to Lowly Infrastructure

 Thursday, June 16, 2022

On the 4th of this month, those who had signed up to travel aboard‘The Empress’ cruise ship, had to be presentnearly seven hours before leaving at Island Grounds. They wereferried to the terminal by shuttle buses.

Following an hour of hectic boarding dealings, the passengers walked anextensive way under the sun draggingtheir baggage. The reason is thatthe port in question neither has the space for car parking nor the ability to take care of passengers and their security.

The Tamil Nadu tourism department is endeavoring to bring in more cruise businesses to Chennai; however, blocks like absence of car-parking area, anenclosedpath from the terminal to the ship along withample security staffs to take care of passenger movement are creating problems to upset its efforts.

Although ahigh-classglobal cruise terminal has been set up, the lack of uninterruptedentry to the port has made Cordelia Cruises urge itscommuters to be present for embarking 4-7 hours before departure.

The CEO and President of Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt. Ltd.JurgenBailom, said that Chennai had a decent terminal, but it has the most problematicright of entry. Bailomsaid that the problem of entry to the port for all guests is because ports in India are majorly owned by the government. They are trading ports and there are piles of rules and principles. This needs to change and be simplified.


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