China plans for “one route, one airline” policy to strengthen tourism industry

 Monday, May 14, 2018

china-eastern-airlinesChina is planning to ease its airline policy as the nation expects for “one route, one airline” policy that will foster more domestic and international tourism boom.




China is opening the door to greater levels of competition on long-haul routes between the nation’s state-backed and private carriers.




The Civil Aviation Administration of China, said that this new move was in recognition of the changing nature of China’s aviation market. The nation is also preparing for the opening of Beijing’s second international airport scheduled for 2019.




The aviation regulation board, Civil Aviation Administration of China also said it would divide international routes into two categories based on how open China’s air transport agreement was with the destination country.




The number of nation’s carriers would be unrestricted for one group, while some restrictions would be placed on the other.




The measures will go into effect from October 1st 2018. The CAAC issued a draft of the proposed regulations in August.



The Civil Aviation Administration of China implemented the “one route, one airline” policy in 2009 for long-haul routes to prevent the country’s mostly state-backed airlines from competing too aggressively against each other on routes that were hard to profit from.  China’s three largest state carriers are Air China, China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines.



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