China turns to digital approaches

 Wednesday, April 8, 2020

In order to deflect the blow delivered by the novel coronavirus, China’s cultural and tourism industry has turned to digital approaches to pick up steam in its recovery and boosting fledgling businesses such as virtual tours.



As the offline cultural activities and tourism is affected by the epidemic, digital forms such as online music, livestreaming, cloud exhibitions, smart tourism and others based on 5G and artificial intelligence have been surging.


Museums around the country have launched more than 2,000 online exhibitions which has received  over 5 billion views in total.


This is according to the digital cultural and tourism industry development index report.

In February China’s major online travel agency Group launched a “cloud tour” campaign in February, inviting tour guiding service providers to make over 7,000 audio guides free for tourists online.



The Potala Palace, a landmark in China’s Tibet Autonomous Region, held a livestreaming tour the first time in its over 1,300-year history last month. The tour received about 920,000 views.


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