Dubai received top global recognition for keeping tourists and tourism workers safe

 Thursday, February 18, 2021

For keeping tourists and tourism workers safe, Dubai received top global recognition.

To quote an exclusive interview of Marcelo Risi, chief of the Communications Department of World Tourism Organisation, “Dubai deserves recognition for pro-actively working to keep both tourists and tourist workers as safe as possible. It is also an example of good cooperation between government and business. Such co-operation is more essential than ever, and UNWTO is pleased to see Dubai and many other destinations around the world promoting collaboration and solidarity to support our sector and restart tourism.”

“And these two are closely interlinked. Safe international travel is possible. However, we still need to rebuild confidence in travel to restart tourism. We can do this by leading by example and by ensuring that health and safety protocols are harmonized across the sector and across borders. Alongside this, many millions of jobs and businesses are at risk and so tourism as a sector continues to need the strongest political support possible. The tourism sector is ready to restart as soon as conditions allow, but these will depend on both health management and international co-ordination and standards – again, flying solo leads nowhere,” he observed.

Marcelo explained that the UNWTO Secretary-General mainly congratulates Dubai on hosting EXPO 2020 even in such challenging times. “This sends a strong message of determination. I am also encouraged that the key themes of this Expo are collaboration and innovation, with sustainability as a cross-cutting axis, in synch with what UNWTO promotes and reinforcing the overall position of the United Nations. This is essential if we are to not only restart but to re-think tourism and the many and varied benefits it can deliver, going beyond tourism itself.”

“We will do our part to rebuild with more economic and social resilience, that means not just growing, but growing better. And I believe this lies at the heart of Expo in general and is today more important than ever,” he added.

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