Economy of Africa is fast growing

 Thursday, July 6, 2017

aerial-pic-SAThe economy of Africa is boosting through the different areas of tourism. The growth of Africa’s economy is dependent on the rural tourism, tribal tourism and the adventure tourism through the safaris of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

The prospect of tourism in Africa holds great potential for its vast natural wonders. But the expansion and development are fully reliant on the better transport infrastructure, which includes the airways, roadways and railways. It is because; the better transportations will enhance more tourism opportunities. In addition, the open borders, improved marketing structure, will give more opportunities for the adventure tourism and eco-tourism facilities.

In the tourism sector, the employment is directly and indirectly reliant. The huge amount of cheap labour is prevalent in Africa. The UN Conference on Trade and Development’s annual Economic Development in Africa Report depicts the continued and strong growth in tourism in the coming years of 2018. The growth rate goes to $296 billion by 2026 through tourism and hospitality.

Africa saw the increase in the economy through investment in tourism like the development of hotels, building the proper infrastructure for the rural and tribal tourism. The development in its economy shows the growth of GDP rate and craters more than 29 million jobs by 2026, which are now 21 million jobs in 2016.

African tourism is now amplified because of the arrival of the tourists from the European countries like England, France and Germany. Recently, the Africa witnessed the surge in tourism, especially from Asia. The tourists from the United States also visit Africa.

The centre of attraction of Africa is the villages and the wildlife. But enhance more tourism infrastructure, the Government of Africa need to liberalise the air traffic and the air transportations. Currently, the four countries like South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia and Kenya, account for more than 90 % of air traffic. Africa also needs to lower the air transportation rates and the easy accessibility of the flights from the international arena.


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