Electrical issue diverts Air Canada flight to Toronto

 Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Air CanadaThe police have confirmed that none of the air travellers on board an Air Canada flight bound for Vancouver was injured following an electrical issue inside the plane’s cockpit.


This had caused the flight to be diverted to Toronto on Tuesday evening.


Flight AC185 had departed from Toronto Pearson International Airport around 6.30 p.m. However, 30 minutes later, it was able to return after its crew members reported and ‘electrical odour’ in the air, according to Angela Mah, an official spokesperson for the airport.


Mah said that the A320 aircraft that was carrying 117 passengers was capable of making a safe landing and then it taxied to the gate independently.


Mah also confirmed that there was an electrical odour and their maintenance team has also confirmed that there has been no fire. The initial reports indicated that a fire might have probably broken out.


As the plane landed, the fire services remained on standby. None of the passengers were reported to be injured.


Mah said that the currently the aircraft is out of service for the purpose of a complete inspection. Meals were being provided to the passengers and the spokesperson also asserted that the flight was scheduled to continue with a new plane after a short while.


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