Elon Musk proposes “electric skates” for Chicago

 Friday, December 1, 2017 


electric skatesThe Boring Company, one of the most known technological firms in Los Angeles, California, United States, will compete to build a new transportation link in Chicago.



Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel is exploring the options for a high-speed link between O’Hare Airport and the city centre. It is considering as an underground link.




Mr Elon Musk, the head of the Boring Company tweeted that the Boring Company, which is a tunnel technology company, would submit a proposal for a “high-speed loop” in Chicago. Musk also hopes to get to the second round when bidding will take place. He added that the plan would involve “electric pods” travelling in underground tunnels.




Mr Elon Musk has previously outlined his vision for a tunnel network under Los Angeles, in which cars would park on a high-speed toboggan and be whisked along underground tracks.




The Boring Company has been constructing the test tunnels on the premises of SpaceX, another of Mr Musk’s businesses, in California. The government of Chicago hopes that the transport link can be built at no cost to taxpayers, and says the successful bidder could earn a lot of money from operating the service.




According to the Boring Company, Loop is a high-speed underground public transportation system in which passengers are transported on autonomous electric skates travelling at 125-150 miles per hour.




These electric skates will carry between 8 and 16 passengers (mass transit), or a single passenger vehicle.



The Boring Company also clarifies the concept of an “electric skate”. This is “a platform on wheels propelled by multiple electric motors.”



The platform would function separately without a rail or rails to which the skate would connect. The glide would work in the tunnel’s main artery, and it would enter and exit from side tunnels.



With this system, The Boring Company says, the average speed of the travel pods would theoretically be able to operate close to maximum speed.








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