Exclusive Interview of Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary of Tourism and Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board

Monday, November 20, 2023


In an exclusive interview at the World Travel Market 2023, Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla, the esteemed Principal Secretary of Tourism and Managing Director of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Board, provided insights into the state’s strategic initiatives to boost tourism and elevate Madhya Pradesh as a premier travel destination in Incredible India. Watch the interview now.

As the visionary leader responsible for steering the tourism sector in Madhya Pradesh, Shukla expressed his commitment to fostering sustainable tourism practices that not only showcase the state’s rich cultural and natural heritage but also contribute to the well-being of local communities. He emphasized the significance of responsible tourism in preserving the unique biodiversity and historical treasures that define Madhya Pradesh.

Shukla highlighted several ambitious projects aimed at enhancing tourist experiences across the state. One of the key initiatives discussed was the development of infrastructure around lesser-known gems, ensuring that tourists have access to the hidden treasures of Madhya Pradesh beyond its popular attractions. By promoting offbeat destinations, Shukla envisions a more equitable distribution of tourist footfall, allowing local economies to thrive.

In the interview, Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla shed light on the state’s commitment to leveraging technology for tourism promotion. He discussed the implementation of innovative digital platforms to provide travelers with seamless access to information, booking services, and virtual experiences. This tech-savvy approach aligns with Madhya Pradesh’s goal of staying at the forefront of the global travel industry.

Furthermore, Shukla articulated the importance of collaboration with the private sector and international partners to create a holistic and inclusive tourism ecosystem. By fostering partnerships, Madhya Pradesh aims to tap into global expertise, enhance hospitality standards, and attract a diverse range of tourists.

The interview revealed Shri Sheo Shekhar Shukla’s passion for showcasing Madhya Pradesh’s cultural diversity, historical grandeur, and natural beauty to the world. Under his leadership, the state is poised to emerge as a frontrunner in sustainable and responsible tourism, offering travellers a unique blend of tradition and modernity. As the interview concluded, it became evident that Shukla’s strategic vision is poised to redefine Madhya Pradesh as a must-visit destination for global travelers.

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