Exploring affordable street foods in Bangkok

 Wednesday, June 29, 2022 


Bangkok is one of the best cities in Thailand to taste the wide range of Thai food. Spicy, lip-smacking foods are very much affordable for any one, which help you to uncover the food journey. The culinary exploration in this Asian city helps you to discover the hidden taste of South-east Asia.

Bangkok is known for its exotic cuisine and satisfies your appetite. Chili peppers, fish sauce, lime leaves, shrimp paste and South Asian fruits are some of the top ingredients found any local food. You will definitely fall in love with these lip-smacking Thai cuisines, focuses on texture, colour and taste. Walk through the streets of Bangkok surrounded by these small street food kiosks selling coconut ice cream (I-dtim Mat Phrao), Hainan khao man gai, stir fried khao pat, and spicy gaeng massaman and taste it.

Khao Neow Mamuang

It is a traditional summer street food, which will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Taste the freshly cut juicy mango slices, which are placed on sticky rice and sprinkled with roasted sesame seeds.

Som Tam

This is Bangkok’s most popular salad dish. Easy available in street and luxury restaurants, this sour and spicy green papaya salad flavoured with lemon grass, fish sauce, dried shrimps, sweet tomatoes and crunchy peanuts allure any food lovers.

Cha Yen

It is a Thai refreshingly spicy tea made from black tea leaves and flavoured with cinnamon, star anise, orange blossom water, and vanilla.


Moo Ping

Moo Ping is all about meat. It is a great treat for every meant lover. These satay-style Thai skewers are a crowd favourite, which are complemented with sticky rice and tamarind dip, the succulent pork slices are marinated in a mixture of cilantro, garlic, pepper, oyster sauce, fish sauce, soy sauce and sugar.

Kuay Teow Reua

Thisis a most popular local dish usually available on the boats.  Enjoy this delicacy near the riverside stalls or you can customize this picking your choice of glass-noodles and soup to go with it.

Khanom Bueang

Khanom Bueang resembles as small tacos which are hard to resist for a food lovers.  This crunchy dish is stuffed with whipped cream, shredded coconut, and roasted peanuts.

Deep Fried Insects

Deep fried insects or stir fried like kebabs, are considered as a go-to snack in the city. The insects include grasshoppers, water beetles, spiders, bamboo worms, and scorpions. Easy available in any street vendor served with sauce and pepper.

Pad Thai

This is one of the most colourful dishes to taste in the city. Stir-fried rice noodles are served hot with green cilantro, yellow lemons, and shrimp. Just taste this. It is awesome! This Thai dish came in the limelight when noodles were introduced in the country’s cuisine to combat rice deficiency.

Thai Boat Noodles

Thai Boat Noodles was sold on boats in old times. Now when you come here, you have to taste the street version of it. This dish can be customised with the choice of noodles and soup to go with it.

Spicy Papaya Salad

Spicy Papaya Salad is another food for everyone’s favourite list. The salad tastes sour and spicy. The papayas are flavoured with lemongrass to emphasize the taste of the spicy papaya salad. The dish is then topped with dried shrimps, fish sauce, sweet tomatoes, and crunchy peanuts.

Tom Yum

Tom Yum is the Thai version of the hot and sour soup. The fresh herbs of lime grass and galangal are used in the stock and crushed peppers, fish sauce and shrimps are added as tempering. This is one of the most popular dishes and you have to taste it without any reason.

Every Monday is noted as street cleaning day. Here you find many street food cart vendors take the day off. So don’t count Mondays for your culinary experience.

Victory Monument (Anusawari Chai Samoraphum), Yaowarat (Chinatown), Ratchawat Market, Charoen Krung, Bang Khun Non, Petchaburi Soi 5, Talat Phlu, Rangnam, Banglamphu and Sukhumvit 38are noted as the heaven for street foods in Bangkok city.

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