Fuel leak prompts emergency landing of Delta flight

 Thursday, December 14, 2017

Delta Airlines flightAn airplane of Delta Airlines that was heading to Seattle from Shanghai had to opt for an emergency landing on Thursday in Tokyo.


The reason was probably on account of a fuel leak as revealed by a Japanese transport official.


None of the 220 passengers and crew members of the plane had been hurt in the incident, said the official. Delta 588 that is a Boeing 767-300 had left the Chinese metropolis around 12.50 p.m. Chinese time, as stated by the company.


Its pilot had declared an emergency to the aviation authority of Japan as the plane flew over Japan, as asserted by the aviation authority to a news media agency.


He added that an emergency was declared and the plane landed absolutely normally at Narita airport around 4.21 p.m.


The airport had dispatched 15 fire engines but they did not observe any evidence of fuel leaking from the plane or any fuel dripping on the runway of the airport as mentioned by the official.



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