Global Wellness Institute welcomes three new wellness experts to board of advisors

 Wednesday, January 25, 2023 


The nonprofit Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading research and educational resource for the global wellness industry, today announced Bill Kapp, Fountain Life CEO & co-founder, Anjan Chatterjee, MD, FAAN, founding director of the Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics, and Freddie Moross, managing director of UK-based Myndstream, which creates and designs music for health and wellbeing, have joined the prestigious GWI board of advisors. The new appointments to the 21-member board were announced by the Institute’s Chair and CEO Susie Ellis.

“These members of GWI’s board of advisors are a perfect fit for our mission to empower wellness, in its many forms, worldwide,” said Ellis. “Dr. Bill Kapp is passionate about transforming the healthcare system into one that is proactive and grounded in scientific data. Dr. Anjan Chatterjee was the first to bring worldwide attention to the connection between wellness and the perception of beauty. While Freddie Moross’ commitment to unlock the full potential of audio environments when music is utilized in clinical and therapeutic settings promises to have a dramatic impact on the future of mental health.”

See the full roster of health and wellness leaders who serve as advisors to the GWI.

Prior to founding and becoming CEO of USA-based Fountain Life, Dr. Kapp served as a flight surgeon in the US Air Force Reserves. A board-certified orthopedic surgeon and a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, he has built multiple businesses and nine Landmark Hospitals. Fountain Life is dedicated to changing the primary focus of healthcare to proactive and preventative care by detecting illnesses earlier. Fountain Life is also the exclusive sponsor for The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease in 2023.

Dr. Chatterjee is a professor of neurology, psychology, and architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and the founding director of the Penn Center for Neuroaesthetics. Author of The Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art, his research addresses neuroaesthetics, spatial cognition, language and neuroethics. He is also a founding member of the Board of Governors of the Neuroethics Society and the former president of the International Association of Empirical Aesthetics, and the Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology Society.

As managing director of Myndstream, which is part of the Cutting Edge Group, the leading international full-service provider of music for media, Freddie Moross’ mission is to curate and create music for health and wellbeing backed by credible research. His work on music in educational environments for neurodiverse children is the topic of a documentary for the BBC’s Storyworks campaign. Freddie Moross received the Debra Simon Award for Leader in Furthering Mental Wellness at the 2022 Global Wellness Summit.

“When the GWI launched in 2015, it was a first — a new think tank dedicated to research, education, resources, and initiatives that promote innovation and sustainable growth in the global wellness industry,” noted Ellis. “Today, thanks to the valuable contributions of members of our advisory board, the Institute is recognized as being instrumental in the growth of the USD $4.4 trillion wellness economy, and in uniting the health and wellness industries.”

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