Hainan to develop horse racing without betting

 Thursday, April 2, 2020

Local authorities confirmed that South China’s island province of Hainan will develop horse racing without betting involved.



An official from Hainan’s sports bureau said that Hainan has no tradition and history of horse racing, so they need to make a scientific development plan, but it is uncertain when the plan will come out.


After the plan is established, Hainan will build a racecourse and training ground, set up an equestrian club to organize all kinds of horse racing events.

Hainan was granted approval in April 2018 to build a sports tourism demonstration zone covering the whole island and explore to develop horse racing.


Wang Jiansheng, chairman of the Hainan Tourism Development Research Association mentioned that the development of horse racing in Hainan Province can attract excellent horse racing players, horse racing enthusiasts, and tourists all over the world. It will promote the integration of sports and tourism.


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