Spookiest Halloween Festival 2021: Unravel your scary side

 Monday, October 25, 2021 


Spookiest Halloween Festivals: Unravel Your Scary Side

When it comes to Halloween Festivals, the enthusiasm and vivacity reach a different kind of high. There is something about Halloweens that creates an atmosphere of celebrations and enjoyment; it becomes a bona fide lifestyle, a night of revelry.

Halloween, also known as Hallow’s Eye and Saint’s Eye is more than merely preparing spooky and uncanny costumes. Almost every continent in the world has its traditions of celebrating the festival in a grandeur way. Let’s walk you through some of the spookiest Halloween Festivals around the world.

Day of the Dead, Mexico

The Halloween festival, also known as Dia de Los Muertos, is a day of great importance to Mexicans. They believe that the day reunites them with their ancestors, and therefore, it becomes a day or night of utmost celebrations. Festivities continue across the country, while Mexico City continues a parade. Their iconic display of skulls and skeletons makes them popular worldwide. UNESCO has recognized the Day of the Dead as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Derry Halloween, Northern Ireland

The Derry Halloween in Ireland is considered one of the largest in the world. The festival is celebrated for over eight days, with more than 100,000 visitors and 1,400 performers. There are parades, fireworks, music, performances, and much more than mere imagination. The division between life and after-life and the world of spirit of the dead overruns the town. Without any doubt, this place is the go-to place during Halloween.

Village Halloween Parade, New York

New York, a city that never sleeps, celebrates Halloween like no other. Its annual festival celebration includes over 50 bands, dancers, artists, and New Yorkers in unusual costumes. The highlight of the festival is that people with a full costume can march through the streets, so get your groups to wear different costumes and march your way through the festivities. It’s a great day to come together and rejoice as one!

The Voodoo Music, New Orleans, LA

Do you not feel a chill down your spine when we mention voodoo? Halloween in New Orleans can be considered one such spooky celebration bringing in the fun side of the mysterious religion. There is a lot of exciting stuff you can be a part of – art installations, music, a walk through the haunted house, and so much more. If you like good music, great food, and a little bit of scare, The Voodoo Music Halloween Festival is a must-visit.

Universal Studio Halloween Horror Nights, Hollywood, California

Every October, Universal Studios replicates the dark side. It transforms the place into a horror land, with an eerie setting to provide a spine-chilling experience. It has several creepy rides and attractions, which mark the grandeur of the Halloween celebrations here. From The Walking Dead to The Massacre Maze, you can experience the chill in watching your favourite shows.

Samhain, Ireland, and Scotland

Samhain is considered the original Halloween festival initiated in Ireland before it reached Canada and United States. Samhain was believed to be a day celebrated as an end-of-harvest holiday and a day when the demarcation between the world and the after-life is thinned. This Halloween festival was considered to be culturally rooted. However, with the inception of Christianity, Samhain came to be known as Halloween. Ghostly costumes, trick or treat, lanterns were all the common practices observed during the festival.

London Dungeon, London

The London Dungeon, London

If you wish to experience your adventurous side and test your fright, the London Dungeon will provide a perfect opportunity to do so. Known as one of the scariest Halloween celebrations worldwide, it takes visitors to a surreal world. Here, you can witness the real experience of meeting villains, be it Jack the Ripper or Sweeney Todd, or witness traumatic incidents like the Black Plague. You should enter the dungeon at your own risk!

Hungry Ghost Festival, Hong Kong, China

China’s long Hungry Ghost Festival spends the day with the souls of the dead that roams around the earth. To prevent them from any mischief, the offerings and festivities are made. In Hong Kong, the Chui Chow community celebrates it for three days. You will find offerings on the pavements and burning incense for the spirits. That’s quite eerie to hear, isn’t it!

Pumpkinferno, Ottawa, Ontario

It is nothing new to see pumpkins with lights on Halloween nights. The Pumpkinferno is an award-winning festival celebrated in the country’s capital. The event displays over 7,000 handcrafted pumpkins glowing in a creepy way. You can see dogs, dragons, astronauts, cars made out of these orange gourds.

Spooktacular Hot Air Balloon Festival, Arizona

Spooktacular in Scottsdale, Arizona, isn’t like your usual trick or treat event. You will witness the magical experience of seeing approximately 20hot air balloons passing over 4,000 pounds of candy. You can also catch the fireworks and weird costumes worn by people celebrating on the streets.

With so many celebrations from across the globe, we give you an insight into how Halloween is celebrated in different cultures. Even though each country has their unique way of embracing the festival, the zest and zeal remain the same everywhere!

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