Hawaii strictly discourages tourist activities

 Friday, April 24, 2020

The Hawaii state agency that is recognised for welcoming visitors to the state is now temporarily helping few visitors to leave the region. The move comes in light of the coronavirus pandemic. The agency said in a recent press statement that Visitor Aloha Society is arranging outbound travel for certain visitors.



The Visitor Aloha Society is a non-profit group that normally helps tourists in the state deal with problems during their visits, such as theft or a medical emergency. The Hawaii Tourism Authority has already allotted $25,000 to bare costs of sending tourists away if they refuse to abide by the state’s 14-day quarantine.



Clare Connors, State Attorney General, Hawaii in a press brief that the ability to return people to their airports of origin with immediate effect during the coronavirus crisis greatly assists law enforcement’s ability to ensure the success of statewide emergency measures. She mentioned that the fact that scarce government funds do not need to be expended for such special return trips also contributes to fulfilling the mission of keeping Hawaii safe.



Earlier, John Monahan, President, Hawaii Visitors, and Convention Bureau urged media bodies to refrain from promoting travel to Hawaii. The written statement says that it is the authorities’ responsibility to ensure the safety of visitors and residents within the state. It mentions that Hawaii strongly discourages travelers from visiting the state until otherwise directed by the state officials.



Nineteen people have been flown back to their airports of origin since the beginning of the emergency. In the case of some visitors, the violators have been prosecuted for misbehavior and forced to pay a fine. The Visitor Aloha Society has arranged for the travel back home and will also pay for the ticket if the visitor fails to afford it.



Hawaii has reported around 596 positive coronavirus and 12 deaths so far. Governor David Ige established a mandatory two-week self-quarantine for any out-of-state visitors and inter-island travelers on April 1. State officials constantly discouraged travel to the state since the order.






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