IBTM China announces first ever Business Travel Summit at 2019 event

 Tuesday, July 16, 2019


During the upcoming 2019 event of IBTM China, a part of the IBTM’ global portfolio of meetings, events and industry trade shows will be catering specifically to the needs of business travel, finance and procurement managers.


The event will take place at the China National Convention Centre ( CNCC) in Beijing between 28-29 August.


The first ever Business Travel Digital Innovation Summit will bring forward how technological innovation will change the face of travel management.China is the current leader of digital economy and the main consumer of technology.
Around 100 leaders, cost control experts, travel managers, financial directors and purchasing managers will get a chance to exchange views on business travel compliance, digital transformation of business travel, best practice will be discussed.
The summit will bring more insights into how technological innovation will change the face of travel management.


There will be over ten sessions with speakers like Air China Yeego founder, Greece Guo who holds more than ten years’ experience in the air travel industry.


Suhua Dong, director of Ecommerce at China Air Service has 27 years experience in corporate travel management and Tan Haoling, Vice President and General Manager of CITS American Express will also sharing views during the event’s Knowledge Programme.



Tan Haoling, Vice President and General Manager of CITS American Express said that saving cost and improving corporate inefficiency have become issues of concern for Chinese companies today. Take China for instance, in which travelling between cities is quicker by high-speed railway than flying. Therefore, they need to know how to deal with international visas in an efficient way, how to manage security and how to help corporate leaders understand global travel cost control.



Ci Xue, Project Manager, IBTM China, said that travel cost control is the loudest sound they heard from corporate buyers in the past two years, and as a leading global event for business and incentive travel, it is their responsibility to provide participants with the most reliable and up to date information, as well as industry trends of the future. He thanked his partner Lu Xiang Hui, who has helped us bring this summit to fruition.

The Business Travel Digital Innovation Summit has been designed to help attendees succeed in this ever-changing market.


There will be more than 20% International buyers with 80% from the Asia Pacific region in this year’s group of 300 hosted buyers. There will be 60% agency buyers, 30% corporate and 10% from associations.

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