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 Saturday, November 6, 2021 


In the present digital age and highly hectic urban lifestyle, travellers are often looking forward to take a break from the daily hustle bustle in order to reset and relax. The concept of wellness tourism became popular to promote health and well-being through various spiritual, physical and psychological activities. Similarly, as a part of wellness tourism, spa tourism also gained popularity among travellers for relaxations and health improvement.

Wellness and spa tourism tends to the mind and body and creates a new form of mindfulness towards daily life. It allows travellers to step away from the various stresses of daily life so that they can return home rejuvenated with a newfound energy to dive into the fast paced lifestyle. Here we have listed some of the top destinations around the world to experience the best spa and wellness holidays.


Considered to be the country most associated with massage treatments across the globe, Thailand is known for being one of the best destinations for spa and wellness tourism. From Chiang Mai to Bangkok and all the way down to Phuket, the country offers a wide range of spa resorts best suited with various budgets. Thailand combines the traditional therapeutic methodologies into modern health and wellness techniques and offers abundance of authentic spa and wellness services. Expert professionals provide luxurious services in exotic locations with warm hospitality. The land of smiles brings together indigenous resources, age-old knowledge and world-class wellness traditions and forms a pathway to natural healing.


Recognised for its traditional Turkish baths, the country can certainly be considered as one of the best spa and wellness tourism destinations in the world. Turkey offers unlimited wellness tourism opportunities from Istanbul to Cappadocia, with utmost care and relaxation amid tranquil locations overlooking the turquoise blue waters and green shores. Alongside the best luxury spa resorts with skilled therapists, Turkey is also home to numerous hot springs and thermal facilities that provide visitors with alternative and natural therapies to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Besides the pampered health and beauty treatments offered in the latest spa holidays, the country also provides wellness through its natural springs. Moreover, the purified and relaxed feeling from traditional and sacred Turkish hammams (Turkish baths) is a once-in-lifetime experience.  

Bali, Indonesia  

Another Southeast Asian location that offers great scope for spa and wellness tourism is Bali, Indonesia. The island comes with a history rooted in wellness practices and continues to attract wellness tourists to the day. Over the year, Bali has transformed into one of the leaders in luxury spa tourism in Asia. Almost all of Bali’s top hotels and resorts offer incredible spa facilities. According to the Global Spa Summit, Bali’s wellness and spa tourism attractions includes its natural landscape with spa services in natural settings, highly skilled local therapists and abundance of local ingredients for spa practices. In fact, the town of Ubud with its unique jungle resorts and spas is now considered to be one of the best spa and wellness tourism venues in the world. Bali has also introduced a range of big and small yoga studios throughout the island and also serves as a popular destination for yoga holidays.

Budapest, Hungary

Known as the ‘Spa Capital of the World’, Budapest is popular among wellness tourists for its thermal springs. These springs have resulted in the formation of many mineral-rich baths that often causes natural healing solutions for various ailments. It was back in the 16th century that Romans built many private luxurious baths around the thermal springs paving the way for the Hungarian capital to become a popular spa destination. While the city has established several modern spa centers, some of the heritage baths continue to exist offering travellers one of the finest sp and wellness tourism experience. 

Hakone, Japan

Home to numerous volcanic hot springs, Hakone is the perfect destination to experience Japan’s rich spa-going tradition. Besides the massage therapies in luxury spa resorts, Japan’s hot springs called “Onsen” attract wellness tourists for their healing nature. Hakone has some of the best onsens in Japan with several baths and inns offering gentle and pure water. It is believed that the waters provide natural solution for various ailments from relieving painful joints and muscles ailments to detoxification and anti-aging. The resorts in Hakone also feature indoor and outdoor baths and saunas for men and women with striking open-air views of the region’s forests and mountains.


Besides its beautiful surroundings and magnificent landscapes, Switzerland is also known for its health and wellness tourism industry, the second largest in Europe worth nearly above CHF3 billion and contributing around 17-20% in the overall tourism revenue. The country offers the best spa experience in its spa resorts, saunas and wellness centres. It also has several thermal springs with beneficial therapeutic qualities as well as exquisite thermal baths. Professional doctors, therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists and nutritionists provides Ayurvedic massages, and magically works to detoxify and revive every traveller’s body and spirit.

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