Italy putting greater emphasis on welcoming Chinese travelers

 Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Tourists from China are greeted with welcoming signs in their own language when they land at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, which is the largest and most dynamic air hub in Italy.


This move is for impressing their Chinese customers. Italian tourism personnel are eyeing greater opportunities in closer Italy-China commercial and tourism exchanges.


In 2017, Italy witnessed around 1.5 million Chinese tourists, according to the Chinese Tourism Academy (CTA), a public entity under the China National Tourism Administration.


Industrial personnel are working hard to increase their services and meet the changing tourism market, especially the changing appetite of Chinese travelers.


“The profile of Chinese tourists has changed in latest years, accordingly to the rapid evolution of the Chinese population, and of its average income,” said Jacopo Sertoli, president of Shanghai-based Welcome Chinese company. He added that recreation is becoming more important for the Chinese.


Italy is also stepping up education to train personnel for the tertiary sector. At the European University located in the northwest of the Italian capital, the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in tourism management compose a key educational offer, with special emphasis on Chinese culture-related education.


“Our graduate school students must take cultural anthropology, because it is crucial for them to learn about habits, traditions, and tastes of emerging tourism inflows,” said Alessandra Romano, the director of the European University Master in Tourism Management.


Tourism contributed some 13 percent to the Italian gross domestic product in 2017.
Those employed in the tourism industry comprised about 14.7 percent of Italy’s workforce in 2017, and some 250,000 new hiring are expected by 2023.


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