Italy all ready to welcome South east Asia’s high-growth tourism market

 Friday, March 8, 2019

The office, which opened at the later part of 2018, is managed by the Italian National Tourist Board (ENIT), which is accountable for the promoting tourism to Italy from around the world.


“The new Bangkok office plays a very important role, as the first the Italian hub in Southeast Asia with the task of promoting Italy and its destinations throughout this portion of the tourism market in this part of the world,” Giovanni Bastianelli, Enit executive director, informed The Nation in an interview.


As the demand for Southeast Asia tourism is growing worldwide, it is the basic task for Italian regions to have a single point of reference like an emerging market, said Bastianelli, who emphasized the status of Italy as a world-renowned top tourist destination.


Besides Thailand, the Bangkok office is in charge of promoting tourism in Vietnam and Myanmar, along with Malaysia, the newer source markets as visitors from these countries are more and more heading to Europe, said Bastianelli. “Since countries in this region make up an emerging market for the Italian tourism sector, it is still necessary to develop a correct and stronger brand positioning in order to reach the best target for Italian destinations, and namely the more affluent segment, as well as millennials and multi-generational family groups,” he added.


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