Japan railway apologizes as a train leaves 20 seconds early

 Friday, November 17, 2017

Railways in JapanOne of the private railway operators in Japan has issued an apology after a train left a station in a suburb of Tokyo nearly 20 seconds prior to its schedule.


The morning train on the Tsukuba Express line had arrived at the Minami-Nagareyama station at its pre-scheduled time of 40 seconds past 9.43 a.m. on Tuesday. But, it was scheduled to leave a minute later at 40 seconds past 9.44 a.m. Instead it departed the station at 9:44:20.


The regional media reports mentioned that the passengers did not observe anyting amiss when the train pulled away from the station a little ahead of time.


But then the private operator thought that the matter was grave enough to offer a sincere apology.


In an official apology statement the train operator mentioned that on 14th November around 9.44 a.m.,  a northbound Metropolitan Intercity Railway Company train had departed from the Minami Nagareyama Station 20 seconds earlier than the time indicated on the railway schedule and they would like to ‘deeply apologise’ for the severe inconvenience caused to their customers.


The company apologized though it had not received any complaints from passengers who were present at the station.


The statement added that the crew members of the train had been spoken to and instructed to strictly adhere to the procedures to check the occurrence of such incidents in future.



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