Kerala to develop tourism circuit connecting the sites related to Malabar uprising

 Monday, September 27, 2021

With the Sangh Parivar and Bharatiya Janata Party remaining preoccupied with branding the Malabar riots of 1921 as a “genocide”, Kerala’s ruling party, CPI(M) is all set expand and create a tourism circuit connecting all the well-known sites related to the Malabar uprising.

Muhammed Riyas, the State Tourism Minister, explained that in Alappuzha the tourism department will build up a circuit that will connect all key sites related to the rebellion in Malappuram. He also stated that it will draw many tourists and students of history. Also, he mentioned that it was inappropriate to call the Wagon Tragedy a ‘tragedy’, since it was a “massacre” carried out by the British intentionally.

In 1921 when the riot was suppressed brutally by the British, another bitter incident opened out, the ‘Wagon Tragedy’. In a closed railway goods wagon, prisoners of the riots were filled in and were transported to Coimbatore for trial. Around 64 prisoners suffocated to death on the way. In Tirur railway station (Malappuram) there is a memorial for ‘Wagon Tragedy’.’

“Tragedy means a disaster. But it was a deliberate massacre by herding hapless people in a closed windowless wagon that led to many being choked to death. The British called it a tragedy and still we are using this term,” he said emphasizing that a travel circuit will be set up to commemorate the centenary of the Malabar uprising. He refused the argument of the BJP and Hindu outfits explaining that it was nothing new and reiterated that it was a peasant uprising.

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