Kirihimete – New Zealand Christmas experience

 Thursday, December 21, 2017 


unnamed (70)For a start, the typical colours of Christmas have a different meaning in New Zealand – red, green and white have nothing to do with snow, robins and holly bushes.


In the Kiwi Christmas version, red is for pohutukawa (New Zealand’s Christmas tree) in bloom, green stands for lush tropical vegetation offering shade from hot summer sun, and white represents vast, pale sandy beaches.

All this provides the basis for a relaxed Kiwi-style Christmas where the emphasis is on the outdoors to eat, play and be merry – because the weather is warm, the country is on holiday and ‘tis the season to celebrate.

Christmas Kiwi-style

At the beginning of summer New Zealand’s Pohutukawa trees show off their beautiful red flowers, even in places like downtown Auckland.

Credit: Susanna Burton
While traditions of the northern hemisphere still have an influence on a Kiwi-style Christmas, there are many festive season experiences only to be seen in New Zealand:


Credit: Takahide Nakazawa
Santa at the beach – spare a thought for the jolly man when he arrives down under and has to endure temperatures of up to 30C. It’s hardly surprising that he often sheds the heavy woollen suit and boots in favour of speedos, jandals and sunglasses and heads to the beach. Santa’s been spotted surfing, jetsking, paragliding and sailing, and even doing deliveries by water in a traditional waka Maori canoe.


Credit: Susanna Burton

Christmas first and last – New Zealand is the best place in the world to get the most out of Christmas Day. After the Chatham Islands, New Zealand is the first place in the world to see the sun and with the country on summer time or daylight saving, there are maximum daylight hours to enjoy Christmas. In parts of the South Island it’s light by 5am and doesn’t get dark until 10pm.



Source:- Tourism New Zealand

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