Life Ball Aircraft Lands in Vienna: Austrian Airlines Brings Prominent Supporters to Vienna

 Friday, June 9, 2017 


Austrian AirlinesToday at 9.37 a.m. local time, flight OS 1088 from New York carrying a total of 181 passengers landed in Vienna. Quite a few stars were on board such as Ute Lemper, Amanda Lepore, Dionne Warwick and many more. The celebrities travelled to Vienna accompanied by hair stylists, make-up artists and managers all with the purpose of ensuring an unforgettable appearance at the Life Ball, the annual charity event. Austrian Airlines will fly the celebrities back to New York on sunday after the mega event takes place. Austrian Airlines specially branded a Boeing 767 aircraft for the Life Ball with the financial support of the Vienna Tourist Board.


Austrian Airlines affirms its social and societal responsibility and supports charitable and social organizations, institutions and projects with a global relevance. The Life Ball is one of the projects in which the country’s national carrier demonstrates its commitment. In the meantime, Austrian Airlines has transported numerous prominent supporters for the fight against AIDS to Vienna over the last eleven years.


Source:- Austrian Airlines

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