Makwatsha emerged in global tourism map for the murals

 Tuesday, July 4, 2017

23f9534b76cfe4b745351eb2b55fa7004632d677Congo is a name popularly heard as the land of jungles and the wild animals. But now Republic of Congo is an eco-tourism destination in Africa where you can see the luxurious forest stays, pristine beaches along the coastlines of Atlantic Ocean and the tribal culture which will make you free from the boisterous crowd.



Here is the Republic of Congo. But the villages in Congo are under- developed. There is no electricity, lack of proper infrastructure and devoid of any luxurious or budget hotels or any resorts. Makwatsha, a dire village of the Republic of Congo is now emerged as the tourism destination of Congo. Now this village becomes the hot-spot to the tourists visiting China, France and Belgium.



Makwatsha is a rural area, located about 41 kilometers from Lubumbashi region of Congo. This dire and dusty village is regionally famous for the women rural painters. These painters are not recognized with prestigious global awards or accolades, but the wall paintings done by them allure the global tourists and now the rural tourism is growing up, hoping to uplift the revenue.



This village has only 500 residents and now they are making money by promoting their villages to the global tourists. The cynosure of Makwatsha is the wall paintings and the village mud abodes. The painted huts of Makwatsha depict the village lives and the social culture.



The paintings of butterflies and flowers are mud up of the natural colours, which were widely used in Asian countries. The village women of Makwatsha used this colour during the dry season especially during scorching summer.



This Congolese village attracts the people of China and France most.  These village paintings caught the eyes of the French Cultural Institute and recently a painting exhibition was hosted in Paris where the vast collections of these paintings done by the village women of this Congolese village. The villagers sold the 8 paintings for a total of $60,000.



Makwatsha is accessible from Lubumbashi region of Congo. Now the tour operators are organizing the cultural trips like photo-walks and the village trails for the tourists.






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