Manohari Tea Resort: Unforgettable stay amid Assam’s mystical tea estate

 Monday, May 10, 2021 


Known as the land of unparalleled natural beauty and mystic aura, Assam is a charming destination in northeast India surrounded with picturesque hills and mountains and miles of land covered with glistening green tea plantations. The beautiful state is a planet away from the usual clamour of the outside world and encompasses scenic views, lush forests, and manicured tea gardens.

The world famous Assam tea holds a key place in the economy and lives of the people of Assam as the state has the largest acreage of tea plantation in the country and contributes to more than half of the tea produced in India. It is also quite popular all over the nation as a signature morning and evening beverage. The history of Assam tea dates back to the mid 19th century with the colonial charm still prevalent in some of the oldest estates.

The onset of tea plantations during the British colonial rule has not only changed the landscape of the upper Brahmaputra valley through green tea bushes being nourished by tea tribes from east-central India, but also evolved into a distinct tea culture. The tea culture in Assam is very rich as it involves all the intricate activities right from tea production and its history of origin to tea brewing, tea arts and ceremony, tea festival and all the health aspects including the simple process of tea preparation to consumption.

Tea gardens are found in almost all districts of Assam with the ones in Jorhat and Dibrugarh standing out amidst the rest. Spending a vacation in one of the many tea estates of Assam is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Several tourists and tea lovers are often ready to go the extra mile to spend their holidays amidst the beautiful tea gardens in the lap of the nature. One such remarkable venue is the Manohari Tea Estate that comes with its own resort known as the Mahohari Tea Retreat.

The Mahohari Tea Retreat is situated in the upper region of Assam at the Indo-Burmese border and stands among the rich green tea estates at an elevation of 390 feet above the sea level. The luxurious resort has started attracting tourists from across the globe and offers the ideal ambience for enjoying a tranquil break. Considered to be one the best premium resorts in North East, the property provides more than a usual escapade and allows guests to experience nature in all its glory alongside luxurious facilities.

The tea estate surrounding the resort covers nearly 1800 acres of area with more than 1000 acres of tea bushes elegantly designed to provide a comfortable stay. Together with the alluring climate, mist-drenched skies and hills, the green tea estates, and the mildly cold temperatures, the Manohari Tea Retreat provides a memorable stay. The property is located 14 kilometres from the city center Dibrugarh, 15 minutes from Mohanbari Domestic Airport and close to Tinsukia city.

Positioned neatly amidst the thriving greenery of the tea estates, the resort has a partially colonial style of building structure with vintage interiors giving en ethnic feel and allowing visitors to experience the ‘great green life’. The rooms and cottages of the property have been constructed with an elegance of a British tea planter’s mansion. The classic furnishings have been clubbed with contemporary standards of comfort and refinement and takes guests back to the colonial era while experiencing luxurious hospitality.

The resort offers vibrant facilities, gracious hospitality, thoughtful amenities, and a distinctive ambience that sets it apart from other normal resorts. Guests at the Manohari Tea Resort even have an opportunity to be part of the tea processing tour where they can witness the rituals of tea production as well as several other adventurous activities. The blend of stunning scenery, old fashioned luxury, and a chance to see the traditions of tea production makes Manhori Tea Resort a unique accommodation venue.

Happiness comes in leisurely sips at Manohari Tea Resort and every corner carries a story of its own. Besides the fascinating opulence and hospitality, every little detail and remembrance etched in every segment and entity of the property is bound to win the travellers’ heart. Experience a stay at Manohari to indulge in rare luxury and a sophisticated aura while keeping nature as close as possible.

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