Mapping the best from the American cities for the global youngsters

 Saturday, July 2, 2022 


The USA is counted among the most popular tourist destination. One major reason behind that is a country with both history as and pop culture together. The country has a history of old pop cultures. Global trends, business, lifestyle controlling and technological trend-setting begin from here. The country knows how to deal with criminals as well as artists and businessmen. Leaving along with the countrymen in peace from the city rumours, the diversity of various cities has been counted here along with mischievousness.

Las Vegas

This city is called a free city for justified reasons. The clubs are filled with alluring games, slot machines and table games. The act of gambling and stripping becomes one of the most celebrated activities here.

 Las Vegas needs to be treated like a theme park together rather than a normal city. The sin city absorbs the possibilities of any criminal offence and teaches the citizen to do fun with their suppressed desires. The culture of Las Vegas might make many raise eyebrows but in reality, the city projects a reality in one of the most positive ways possible.

Food tours and street experiences are eye-catchers. The luck with the lady is also most definitely defined here. Las Vegas is the queen of nightlife in the USA. If other cities reflect the ever shiny day of a busy USA business day Las Vegas is the nightlife that almost every other person globally dreams of.

San Francisco

San Francisco is considered the oldest city in the American subcontinent. Beginning from the Spanish invasion in 1775, the city has cradled many cultures along with its lap. San Francisco is the hub of international cultures mixed with the countryside essence. Memories of the Native American boy’s elk-killing adventure can be traced in the countryside of San Francisco.

The beautiful flora and fauna await the traveller while handling the mischief of the modern tech-savvy city calmly. The city has education centres within the cityscape. The best American colleges and Universities for both scientific and fine arts are present in San Francisco, making the city unavoidable for spending one’s 20s here. The city holds a casual lifestyle rich with multiple countries’ heritage, making it a lucrative option for youngsters to loiter and learn.

Los Angeles

Besides being home to Hollywood, Los Angeles is characterised by street music, high street curio, sports and unlimited cafe culture. The city is home to various clubs, hotels, sports and zoos. The city also is home to one of the best film schools ‘ the University of Southern California’. The country has some of the most engaging activities for youth in the city. Los Angeles is also recognised to have an extremely laid-back lifestyle, making it a very attractive location for youngsters to enjoy most of their time and learn simultaneously. Los Angeles is considered the entertainment capital of the globe for all the right purposes. The city is the heart of entertainment production. Young travellers learn to differentiate between good and bad food and young artists learn to sell their art in the right direction.


Seattle is one of the most important attractions for young professionals. The city has organised some of the most exciting festivals this year. The city itself is a hub for the young generation to hop around, the festive seasons become the most vibrant time of the year. The city is called the queen of the county with an average of 49% higher living cost. Still, the city pays off with grace. The young adults have several places to visit in Seattle like the underground tour, Woodland Park Zoo and Pike Place Market.

One-third of the population is millennial and hence companionship is easily available. That is a huge positive point given the fact that isolation is one of the primary issues that hamper mental health. July fourth is round the corner. The best way one can celebrate festivals is by using to connect with people and heritage. To handle the rising mental health issue of the younger generation there is no better option than making them engage with each other. The cities in America and July 4 occasion together create the best opportunity to do that.  

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