Mauritius tourism unveiled strong trade relation with the GCC countries

 Thursday, June 23, 2022

The Mauritius tourism authorities disclosed about their long-standing plans to build powerful trade relation in the GCC countries.

With the island nation of Mauritius, the GCC countries have historical and cultural relationship. It’s one of the rising and promising markets for Mauritius. The tourism authority of Mauritius confirmed their commitment to provide exceptional experiences related to travel to the vacationers in the region.

For 2022, “Explore the Unexplored Mauritius” is the main theme. It highlights the cultural and culinary diversity, along with tradition and eco tourism alternatives together with the hugely outdoor adventures that reamisn untapped.

Mauritius had a tough strategy in terms of vaccination and Covid safety from mid 2021. It is well prepared for a season full of activity. By now, the island has already experienced a huge flow in tourist arrival in the first quarter of 2022 and hopes to see a hectic summer.

The travel and trade partners play an important role. Therefore, the authority has started a chain of initiatives related to strategic partnership in the GCC.

MTPA has made use of the initial few months of this year in the right manner to make existing relationships, add more to the awareness and acquire new business partnerships.

The officials lately had arranged a workshop that was interactive for the professionals of regional trade in Abu Dhabi.

More than 150 dignitaries, decision makers and experts from tourism and hospitality took part in it.


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