New police units installed in Sri Lanka for safety of tourists

 Thursday, March 28, 2019

To ensure the safety of tourists, the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) on Thursday said it had launched 22 new police units.


At present there were 11 tourist police units in the country and another 22 new Tourist Police Units had been established, mentioned SLTDA.


In small area of land due to shortage of lands the police units were set up using containers.
The police forces deployed in the special units will be helping the locals and foreigners facing difficulties can seek assistance here.


In recent months due to a rising number of sexual harassment allegations and fraud the Sri Lanka’s tourism sector faced flak.


John Amaratunga, Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs Minister said that  the government would take immediate measures to provide a safe environment for tourists to the island nation.


The tourism industry was concerned about the growing number of complaints foreign tourists faced and they pledged to take strict action against them.



In recent years the tourist arrivals were hitting the record figures and hence the number of complaints was also increasing.



He went on saying that stern measures would be taken so that the good name of the country is maintained and not spoiled by the miscreants.

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