New Zealand tourism all set to give the right value of the money of their tourists

 Tuesday, February 27, 2018 


Tourism is New ZealandA friend from Europe just a week ago had ordered one-shot Johnny Walker Red Label whisky in a Picton cafe. I had ordered coffee. I wish I had ordered something stronger to counteract my shock when I realized that my friend had to pay around $25 for his whiskey.

Initially we thought that there must be some mistake with the bill. However, it did point out the fact that how expensive New Zealand has turned out lately and not just one is irresponsible enough to order spirits in a bar.

After travelling around the country for two weeks, comprising tourism hotspots like Queenstown, I was quite shocked by not just the prices but by the loopholes in service and facilities that we encountered.

I travel to different overseas countries for six months each year touring the nook and corners of the globe, and every year for quite some time now, I’ve been on a road trip to New Zealand with overseas guests. I am pro-tourism, appreciate and understand how crucial it is for our financial condition and how many people, as of now, depending on it to earn a living. Nevertheless, this last tour around the country has persuaded me to talk about where exactly our tourism industry is heading.

Mt Cook and Queenstown are the overcrowded places. We however do not appear to be quite adjusting with rising tourist numbers and if appropriate actions to counterbalance are not taken soon. We could end killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Point to be noted, in few places, that goose is already appearing sick.

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