Overcoming digital challenges while travelling

 Wednesday, September 25, 2019 


The travel industry has undergone extensive transformation due to the technological advancement and visitors can avail consistent, comfortable and connected experience.In 2018, according to the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), 84 per cent of travellers booked their holiday through bundling sites instead of opting for a tour operator, hotel or airline which accounted for 1.176 billion tourists.Human interaction has gone down as most of the travellers prefer to book flights, hotel or rent a car online.



Daniel Markuson, the digital privacy expert at NordVPN , VPN service provider, commented that the internet allows people around the world to plan their travels conveniently but it could also put them at various risks like disclosing their credit card details and ID information which discloses their most sensitive data leading to prevalent security breaches and hacking.



Holiday packages are available by scammers who use fake travel websites to attract people with good package.These deals requires advance payment and mostly allure  by using the terms like ‘complementary’ or ‘free’.  One should always look for the signs of a scam, check website and reviews on the internet.




Beware of phishing emails which asks for complete details to join online competitions, suggest cheap travel deals etc which might appear legitimate. It is advised to check the sender’s email address, official website, design elements so that you do not get fooled. The  best thing is to call the agency and find out its authenticity.




Public Wi-Fi spots is another major threat when travelling abroad as mobile data costs much more and is very threatening to traveller  sensitive information.  Installing a reliable VPN would reroute the internet data through an encrypted virtual tunnel which will prevent hackers from side-jacking (connecting to public network and tracking everything that other network users do online).




It is important to post content on social media carefully as it might help social media stalkers to track you.  It is best suggested to share the wonderful moments when you are back home or either send it to your friends and family privately.

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