Pelican Hill’s Clever, Personal Touch to Mass Emails

 Saturday, July 27, 2019 


IAGTOJust because your email is sent to 100,000 people at the same time doesn’t mean it has to read or feel like it. Add some voice, keep it short, and put a name behind the words. by Gregg Blanchard, SVP Strategy, Inntopia and Slopefillers’ Editor



Next to my desk I have a stack of postcards and postcard stamps.



When someone does something nice for me like pitch in on a research project or write a guest post with nothing in return, I’ll take a minute to send a personal thank you. Like most things done on such a personal level, the effects of such notes far exceed the time I put into them.



But this post, unlike those cards, is not addressed just to Soandso from Pebble Beach or Whatshisface from Pinehurst. Instead, it’s addressed to everyone.



An Unnecessary Concession
It’s the same with email. Every email marketing message is, by its very nature, impersonal. But I think we sometimes concede that point entirely – removing any semblance of personality – when that doesn’t have to be the case.



Here are a few lessons and take-aways from Pelican Hill Golf Course’s clever use of a recent email campaign.


To learn how Inntopia’s Commerce, Marketing and Digital solutions can help your golf resort or course optimize resources and increase the bottom line, contact me today.


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